Disk Labeling, am I missing something?

  Epirb406 19:52 27 Jul 2009

Hi all,

In a somewhat hurried and unscientific hunt over the last few years I have flirted with a few labelling packages including Mediaface, Nero and Pressit.

However what I can't do is sort out my core labels.

It would seem obvious to me that if I want to use an image as a background I would like the hole in the middle to be as small as possible. Therefore I would have thought that one of these packages would repeat the missing part of the image on the core label for me to apply after I have used the spindle to line up the main label.

Am I wrong? Am I making sense?

Thanks for your input, Epirb.

  PO79 19:54 27 Jul 2009

You can purchase full face labels that are printable up to the spindle hole.

  Epirb406 19:56 27 Jul 2009

True PO79 but I have loads of stock of the other ones and I only print one once in a blue moon!!

Cheers, Epirb

  PO79 19:58 27 Jul 2009

Before you print, try selecting a full face label, even though you are not using them, it will then print as if a fullface label is being used.

  Epirb406 20:06 27 Jul 2009

My label stock has a large disk label and a smaller core one. They are positioned alongside each other.

With the large label I can use my 'Tool' to make sure it lands in the right place.

The core label is then put on manually to fill in the hole.

What I want the software to do is print the missing bit of the image from the middle of the big label onto the core label...

Hope that helps, Epirb.

  Epirb406 19:30 28 Jul 2009

Am I the only one?

I hate the sound of tumble weed in a forum.....


  jack 19:57 28 Jul 2009

Is to make the label image in a graphics editor
[PSP for example] by assembling text and images to a page size of the square of a disk - 5 inch I seem to recall- this can be done by assembling the images text in a layout form[page layout in PSP] and sizing to suit and dragging the image to the appropriate spot on the A4 layout area- Topleft in most cases.
Yhen print- print on plain paper until you are proficient of course.

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