Disk is filling up with copies of files

  Switcher 13:21 06 Feb 2004

OS Win 98se

A friend has a problem that his PC keeps producing multiple copies of files and also in some cases folders.

In his My documents folder he had about 100 digital photo JPG files but also as much as 64 copies of some of these files labelled copy 1 of photo.jpg, copy 2 of xxxxx.jpg etc.

He also had a complete copy on his hard drive of his PROGRAM FILES folder and his MY documents folder.

I spent some considerable time deleting all his copies of files then emptied the recycle bin and to my surprise found that multiple copies of files had been produced again.

This has me baffled

Anyone got any ideas what is happening.

  MichelleC 13:51 06 Feb 2004

Get him to do an online av scan here click here It's probably a bug of some kind.

  Jester2K 13:55 06 Feb 2004

Not being funny but can you be sure its the PC and not the user?

Seem this a few times and its usually down to the user dragging and dropping files or folders and making copies. Sometimes slow clicking the mouse can cause it to happen as the user might move the mouse between clicks. Also if the mouse has a a ball then if its dirty it could slip between clicks and produce a drag and drop copy...

  Switcher 13:13 07 Feb 2004


Like you I initially blamed the user i.e. My friend

However it also happened with me as the operator and I was very careful with my mouse control having suspected that perhaps his mouse was a bit sensitive

I also used various methods of deleting the files including "Really Delete" to bypass the recycle bin.

I will try a different mouse on his PC next week


I suspected bug also but installed and ran latest AVG 6 and it found no viri.

Thanks for your suggestions

  woodchip 13:41 07 Feb 2004

Run SFC with the Win98 disc in the comp

  A15 14:03 07 Feb 2004

Sounds like the very, now old, Mirror virus that used to infect DOS based PC's!!!

  Switcher 15:01 07 Feb 2004


Will try SFC, however I take it you mean Win98se.

Was also thinking of just doing a win98se re-instal


Do you know if this virus is included in AVG virus databank, also would it cause a problem on win98se platform.

Thanks both for help

  A15 17:48 07 Feb 2004

To be honest, I have no idea if things, such as the mirror virus are still around. I cannot imagine how it would infect a 98 machine, but then I suppose Win 98 is DOS based. I am talking about a virus from the early 90's, so I would imagine if it infects Windows any half decent virus scanner would protect against it.

Does your friend have Spyware protection running such as Spwareblaster from click here It's a free program that if kept up to date stops any & all Spyware from infecting your machine. I use it & have never had a problem.

  woodchip 20:02 07 Feb 2004

Spwareblaster loads it's own adaware, it's best to use Spybot click here click here and Ad-Aware click here

  Switcher 21:55 07 Feb 2004

A15 + woodchip

Thanks for comments I am pretty sure it is not a virus I have run latest Free AVG + Stinger.

However will install SPYBOT.

I am going to try deleting files using DOS to see if they will walk the plank without climbing back on board. If so might point more to mouse problem

  kimjhon 02:02 08 Feb 2004

Hi Woodchip

Are you sure you mean Spywareblaster and not Spyware Nuker.

You never see ads so I presume you mean it has its own spyware.

I have been letting it through my firewall. Now stoppped it. Will see if it tries to ring home.

Cant believe it of him, though.

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