Disk File system consistency errors Windows 7

  Captainmalcs 10:39 16 Dec 2009

Help;- Disk File system consistency errors (and Error 0x80070571)

I have just installed a new second hard disk into my computer, formatted it using Acronis Disk Director and installed Windows 7 (64bit). The installation went very well resulting in a dual boot into either Windows 7 Home Premium on the new hard disk or the existing Windows Vista Business (32 bit) on the original hard disk.

I became aware of a problem soon after the installation. If I changed from one system to the other I noticed that the computer started a chkdsk on the new hard disk soon after loading the Window’s logo in 7 or after the hour class in Vista. Stage 1 of the check, always seems OK, Stage 2 tends to delete some files index entry $I30 and stage 3 attempts to recover orphaned files. On a couple of occasions it appeared to have got into a loop when trying to load Windows 7 so I had to abort the check. I have also lost use of a few files on the way. I also noted that when I try to delete a file and occasionally write a file in Windows 7, I often get refused with the Error 0x80070571.

My immediate thought was that it was an error in the new hard disk. I have downloaded Sea Tools from Seagate and subjected the drive to all the non-destructive test. They all passed.

I have now re-installed Windows 7 on a partition of the new hard disk after cloning the Vista files from the original hard disk. i.e I have one hard disk with a Vista partition and a Windows 7 partition. The same problems have re appeared.

Now I am not sure if it is a faulty drive or if it is something to do with Windows software compatibility or the boot sector. Can you offer any advise.

Computer details:
Dell Vostro 200
Dual Core Pentium E220
4Gb memory
Original Hard Disk; Seagate ST380815AS
New Hard Disk; Seagate ST3500418AS
Windows Vista Business (32 bit) fully patched to date
Windows 7 Home premium(64bit) patched to date

Typical user log 15 December 2009
Both systems rebooted several times. All working correctly
Booted Windows 7 (OK)
Installed Office 2003
Restart Windows 7 (OK)
Boot Windows Vista
Chkdsk starts automatically then Vista loads
Restart Windows 7 (OK)
Turns off overnight.
Boot Vista, chkdsk starts & deletes several index entries $I30
Boot Windows 7 (OK)
Restart Windows 7, chkdsk starts deletes 12 index entries, recovers 1
Auto restart Windows 7, chkdsk starts, no changes
Auto restart Windows 7, chkdsk starts, no changes
Auto restart Windows 7, chkdsk starts, manual abort check (in loop)
Windows 7 loads
Try to save a file and get a warning message “SystemPropertiesProtection.exe – Corrupt Disk” & “Disk structure is corrupted & unreadable (0x80070571)”
Unable to save a screen dump file to a network drive.
Boot Windows Vista, chkdsk starts, no changes
Auto restart Vista loads OK

  woodchip 11:07 16 Dec 2009

if you have a 32 bit os and 64 bit this may be the problem. Other than that you have a faulty drive or Ram

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