Disk error. What does it mean?

  dkfilms 08:27 19 Mar 2004


I have just updated my computer and put on XP professional. One of the new disks is showing the following error message in "Disk Management":

"Online Errors at risk" This disk has the following Layout Simple and Type Dynamic.

What does this error message mean and should I worry about it?


  temp003 11:08 19 Mar 2004

It means Disk Management has detected the disk as a dynamic type of disk with a "simple" volume.

Normally hdds are "basic" disks. A dynamic disk is supported by Windows 2000 and XP Pro. If a disk is set as dynamic in these systems, you can create "volumes" (like partitions but they are just not called partitions). And you are not restricted to 4 volumes on a dynamic disk.

"Simple" layout on a dynamic disk simply means that the volume uses disk space only from that hdd itself (and not spanned, striped, mirrored etc with other disks).

If it is a new disk, it should not be detected as a dynamic disk. Don't copy files to that disk yet until you've found out the reason.

Is the disk from a previous machine running one of these OS's?

  temp003 11:30 19 Mar 2004

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