The disk doc from ebay components? Worth getting?

  nar 14:43 30 Sep 2003

I've seen this been advertised in various guises on ebay under the components section and i wondered if was any good as a utility and worth me shelling out on. Has anyone got it and would you recomend the readies for it?


  -pops- 14:53 30 Sep 2003

What is it?

It ain't well known so I'd give it a miss if I were you - let someone play with it first.

  sicknote 15:45 30 Sep 2003

I brought a disk doc and it work well for me,it removed/cleaned the scratches on pc/music discs that stopped them from playing on my PC/CD player.It cost me £29 from PC world.
The only thing i can think of that was a problem was the small amount of cleaning fluid that can with it

  nar 16:04 30 Sep 2003

the one i meant is able to do various formating defrags, fix drive errors and such like

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