Disk Director Moving Partitions

  chub_tor 19:49 31 May 2009

I have Disk Director 10 which I am using on the XP Partition of a dual boot with Vista Desktop. I recently installed a 1Tb drive by cloning my old 500Gb drive and increasing the partitions in ratio, quite happy with that and it all worked well.

The old nominal 500Gb drive was in two partitions with XP allocated to 115Gb and Vista to 350Gb which is the actual space available. Using Disk Director I shrunk the part with XP on it to 30Gb and the Vista part to 40Gb. The plan being to have these two basic operating systems available in case I ever needed just to restore them.

I was hoping that the balance of the space could be in one partition of 395Gb and that I could use this to back up whatever files I wanted. What I have however when I look at the Disk Director graphic is four partitions.

L the XP backup of 30Gb
O an 85Gb partition that seems to be between L and
M the Vista backup of 40Gb
N a 310Gb partition

No amount of merging or moving in Disk Director lets me merge O and N into one big partition. I am committing after I make the changes but at the end of any merge or move all I end up with is an unallocated partition equal to either 85 or 310GB.

I must be doing something wrong with trying to merge two partitions that are not in sequence on Disk Director but I can't figure it out. Any advice gratefully appreciated

  johnnyrocker 20:07 31 May 2009

what about using pc's own disk management system?


  woodchip 21:00 31 May 2009

you made a mistake, you should have first shrunk xp if thats first partition, then drag slider to take up the free space from xp after you get this working reduce the vista partition size

  woodchip 21:01 31 May 2009

I think the Slider if I remember works from both ends

  chub_tor 11:08 01 Jun 2009

johnnyrocker: Vista's Disk Management does not let you merge non-contiguous partitions. I had hoped that Disk Director would but the version that I have doesn't let you either.

woodchip: you are correct I did make a mistake at the very beginning I should have copied one partition at at time instead of cloning the hard drive. However I was able to do what I wanted by copying partition M to O which freed up 45Gb, then deleting M to get the other 40Gb next to the last partition N. Merging the two new unallocated partitions with N gave me one big partition for backup data use. I changed the drive letter and now have what I want

L a basic no frills XP OS
M a basic no frills Vista OS
N a data partition of 395Gb.

Thanks to you both for making me think again and finding a way out.

  woodchip 16:02 01 Jun 2009

I know the Program is not used a lot, but would not want to be without it. I class it as one of my important programs

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