Disk Defragmenter in Vista

  hawthorn59 05:27 20 Sep 2008

The disk defragmenter in Vista is a bit different to XP. It appears to run on a weekly schedule? I know you can disable it but is it wise to do it weekly anyway?

Also it doesnt tell you whether the pc NEEDS defragmenting. XP version recommends or not, and shows a useful graph/map.

Am I looking at the right program!?


  zarobian 06:51 20 Sep 2008

I do defrag weekly,no harm done. Just run it manually. There is an alternative to windows native defragmentor. iObit is offerring free down load. It gives you to options:
1. Just defrag;
2. Optimise defrag (it takes longer);
The progress is displayed graphically.
Try the link:click here


  zarobian 06:53 20 Sep 2008

Sorry for the typo: 'It gives you two options'

  Andsome 07:53 20 Sep 2008

I believe that Diskeeper will run in Vista. It is without doubt the best defrag program that I have ever run. I have mine set to run silently in the background, and fragmentation is NEVER allowed to build up.

  rawprawn 08:22 20 Sep 2008

Open Vista Defrag and untick the box "Run on schedule" if you want to stop it.
I use Auslogistics Disk Defrag click here it is quick and gives you the information you need.

  Technotiger 08:40 20 Sep 2008

I second Andsome - I too use Diskeeper, just set it and forget it, an excellent IMHO program. It does my internal and two external drives with no interference from me - I just have a look now and then to remind myself it is there!

  russmini 12:04 20 Sep 2008


Just downloaded that and tried it myself.

Seems a Nice Quick Defrag Tool. Will Connect my Old Computer now and Download it onto that and see how it goes on that one. Diskeaper has always Struggled for some reason on it. gets to 12%, the Stops... Even if left running while asleep.

Thank You.

Just out of interest, after it had finished, it came up with 1358 Junk Files and i had a look at the link. Obviously one of thier programs, but the question is... Have you tried it and if so, what did you think ?


  peter99co 12:10 20 Sep 2008

Vista Defrag will run in the background and does not run when you are active. It only runs when you leave the machine alone. The idea is the it runs when it can and as a result your hard drive will be less fragmented most of the time.

A schedule to run when the machine is not active saves you having to keep checking. I have not altered mine for weeks.

If I leave the machine on it runs as it needs to.

  rawprawn 12:52 20 Sep 2008

No I haven't tried their Optimise tool. I use WinAso which is the best on offer in my opinion
click here
It is not free but you can use the download as if it had been paid for. However it will only correct 10 errors each run until you pay.

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