Disk Defragmenter

  User-F2431D4F-62D0-4437-928506E1A8EE85F7 08:54 10 Nov 2005

Can you help!

Go to use the above option and a message says:

Disk defragmenter has detected that chkdsk is scheduled to run on the volume : (c:)
Please run chkdsk
Also when the pc starts it goes in to check local disk everytime what is the problem here?

Makes me wonder if my kids have done this to the pc!!

Please advise.


  xania 09:01 10 Nov 2005

Firstly, disk defragmenters all need to have clean disks to work on. If a problem is detected with your HD, you will always be asked to run chkdsk first. In fact, as a matter of policy, I always run chkdsk before defragging - just to be sure.

If your PC has recently crashed, or failed to close properly, the PC should, automatically run chkdsk on reboot. Do not, if ofered the opportunity, interrupt this process. If you are not aware of problems, I think you will find that you may have a problem with shut down.

  gudgulf 09:28 10 Nov 2005

click here

The answer is in this thread.

I have tried all things to get the disk defragmenter to work but still cannot get it work
Have also tried system mechanics disk defragmenter and that has defragged it for me saying 1% cannot be defragged is this usual?
Does anybody know how to stop the check local disk everytime it starts up?

Thanks for all advice.


  Das Boot 13:42 10 Nov 2005

You my have some bad sectors on your HD. Open my computer right click on the HD icon click on tools click on check now and select both items.It will ask to check the disk on the next boot click yes and restart your PC let us know the result.

Rock ON

well have done the above and all it says that 4kb in bad sector other than that it looks fine !
Is theere any other program that can be used to see if the HD is playing up?
As I said in the above My system mechanic defragmenter says it cannot defrag 1% but defraggs the other 99% fine
Win XP does not want to know?

  Skyver 15:34 10 Nov 2005

The other 1% is probably system or paging files, which are in use whenever you run Windows. Not worth stressing about. StartMenu/Run, "chkdsk /r" for a thorough check - if your hard drive shows any bad sectors at all it's not a good sign, drive electronics normally hide bad sectors from Windows, until the problem is too serious. Find out the drive manufacturer using Everest click here
and download some diagnostic software from the relevant manufacturer site, no surer way to find out if your drive is failing.

  Das Boot 18:13 10 Nov 2005

Problem is solved !

Have been searching other sites and found the following:

Boot from XP CD and go into Recovery. Run chkdsk from there. When finished Exit. Reboot as normal and Run "sfc /purgecache".

That's it ! Defrag now runs OK !

Thanks to all for your time.

Got this from the link in gudgulf's thered

I have tried the above and cannot get into the recovery part of the disk it will not work

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