Disk Boot Failure in XP

  bloodnock 23:31 26 Jun 2003

Hi, Since I reformatted my hard-drive for Windows XP I get a message Saying "DISK BOOT FAILURE,INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER"...I then have to pop in the Product recovery CD that came with the pc and wait until it asks if i want to boot from hard-drive or from CD, at this prompt I opt for boot from hardrive and windows starts as it used to always do.is there anyway i can get My PC to boot up into windows XP without this Malarkey.please advise.......John L..

  Ice Junkie 23:37 26 Jun 2003

Did you re-format the hard drive using the recovery cd that came with your computer?

  bloodnock 23:53 26 Jun 2003

Errrr yes and no.....i didnt know my administrators password.....so i opted just to use the windows recovery Disc supplied by Median, the manufacturer of my PC.....and not the Disk labeled Application and support CD which needed an administrators password........any use Ice Junkie!!..

  Ice Junkie 23:55 26 Jun 2003

Ahh Medion. I sell these at work. I know how they work very well. If you have formatted the hard drive using anything but the cd you will have to do a fresh install of the OS as you have lost the files on the backup hard drive

  Ice Junkie 23:56 26 Jun 2003


Restart the PC with the recovery CD in. Run the retten program and type start in the box. *WARNING* this will erase all files that you have saved. (Thats if it works)

Keep me posted

  Ice Junkie 00:05 27 Jun 2003

if you still need my help mate, email me and I will try and help you out.

Off to bed now.

  bloodnock 00:09 27 Jun 2003

This maybe a problem, this retten Programme i fear no longer exists or at least it states it cannot find it. This happened after some advice from PC Worlds helpline, the retten exe and all the partitions I had all went out the window.........Hence the reason i cant re-install or reformat using the CD in its proper context...yet I can reformat and install XP by means of picking and chosing purely the XP Information off the CD.......if this makes any sense........arghhhhhhhhhh !!!??

  hugh-265156 00:18 27 Jun 2003

i may be way off track here but if the hidden partition that the recovery disk reads from is deleted,then you may need to re tatoo the drive.

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