DISK BOOT FAILURE, even as an IDE slave

  Danoh 12:42 10 Nov 2006

My nephew’s 5.5 yrs old MESH Windows XP Home desktop suddenly stopped booting Windows up.
The BIOS screens would load but finishes with;

I did the usual checks on IDE cable and PSU power cable connections but with no improvement.
The two 80Gb IDE HDs (not even 1 yr old) are cabled to the Promise RAID socket instead. The ASUS a7v133 MoBo has a jumper set for this socket to operate as Ultra100 rather the RAID0, which explains why the BIOS can not see any IDE drives.

However the Ultra100 BIOS (v 2.01 ~ Promise) was unable to detect any IDE drives and comes up with the following message, after a period of “Detecting … “
“Ultra100 BIOS is not installed because there are no drives attached.”

We know the BIOS can only handle HDs with a max of 80Gb, as we had tried adding a 2nd 120Gb HD, nearly a yr ago.

When I changed the HD jumper setting and connected it as a slave to another XP Home PC’s standard IDE connection, booting that other PC results in exactly the same sequence of “DISK BOOT FAILURE” BIOS screens.

Fortunately, I was able to restore 6 mth-old DriveImage7 drive backups over the 2nd HD and have been able to get his PC running again on that one HD.

When I reconnected the ex-master HD, jumpered and cabled as the slave, the 1st boot up attempt also did not allow the new master HD’s Windows to be loaded.

A 2nd boot-up did appear to find the new master and started to load Windows but did not succeed. The following messages were shown, before it rebooted and went into the same sequence of “DISK BOOT FAILURE” BIOS screens.

D0 WDC WD800BB-00JHA0 … LBA … 76319MB … Ultra DMA 5
D1 Not Detected
D2 Not Detected
D3 Not Detected

IDE BUS Master Enabled.

I would greatly welcome any suggestions of how I could, in order of preference;

a) restore the failing HD, losing all data but have it available again for use as a 2nd HD.
b) retrieve recent data from separate partitions (D, E, F) on the failing HD.

Apart from the 2 HDs, all other components are original and 5.5 yrs old. The Northbridge fan is very noisy at startup but settles down to run quietly after a minute.

  rodriguez 12:56 10 Nov 2006

It appears to be a Western Digital drive the same as mine... ;-) anyway, it seems as if you did it right. If you booted up Windows from the working drive and only had the working drive connected, that's the first step. Secondly you set the failing HD as slave and connect as slave and boot Windows. It should NOT cause it to stop booting Windows, it should simply carry on as normal and detect the failing one as a second drive - unless the boot sequence looks for the failing drive first. If it still tries to boot from the failing slave drive, go into the BIOS (tap DEL or whatever key it tells you to press on startup) and the BIOS menu will come up. Go through the menus and look for the Boot Sequence option (it's usually in the second one down bt it varies on different boards). Then make sure the boot sequence is set as Floppy, CD-ROM, HDD-0. If it has HDD-1 in it, there's your problem. If it already has HDD-0, change it to HDD-1 and try it. If all this fails, then it looks like the drive has failed.

  Danoh 13:12 10 Nov 2006

Thx for such a fast response rodriguez.
The boot sequence option for IDE HD is only NONE or DISABLED.
The OTHER option was set as INT18 Device Network and I tried the Onboard ATA100 Boot Device/SCSI instead, but no improvement.

You are right, the current master is a Western Digital drive ~ the failing/failed HD is a Samsung and has already been slave-jumpered and on the slave connector on the IDE cable.

On the original PC where its not connected to the IDE channel socket(s), the slave should not interfere with the boot-up but does. But, even more so on my PC where I connected as a slave to the IDE channel ~ really don't know why that should be the case, nor how what to try.

My nephew is concerned that this is the 2nd HD which has failed on him, the previous less then 1 yr ago (the original HD).
Could the cause be a faulty PSU or MoBo? He uses a surge protector.

  Danoh 16:08 10 Nov 2006

Boot disc error click here
Can not boot click here
Cannot find boot device click here

  Danoh 22:59 10 Nov 2006

any more suggestions/advice?

  woodchip 23:16 10 Nov 2006

Corrupt MBR. If you have a XP CD you could use it to start. then when you get to the prompt. Type


  woodchip 23:21 10 Nov 2006
  Danoh 11:28 11 Nov 2006

Thx woodchip;
I tried that with the HD jumpered & cabled as master on the original (non-IDE channel) and my own PC (IDE channel).
In both instances, the HD can't be seen by the BIOS and so XP Recovery couldn't see it either to fix it.

I'm guessing that the HD's onboard electronics must have been blown, somehow.
What I don't understand is why, when it is mounted as a slave to working systems it would prevent the working master HDs from being seen by the BIOS in both machines.
I can only guess that it must be some sort of short-circuit to be able to achieve that sort of effect.

  woodchip 12:48 11 Nov 2006

I had one like that, and it stopped the computer even starting

  rodriguez 12:52 11 Nov 2006

Sometimes when a hard drive fails, it's the controller that goes (the board that's inside the drive). So if something has happened to this it can cause some strange behaviour.

  Danoh 17:10 11 Nov 2006

woodchip & rodriguez; thank you both very much.
I have never come across this before so its very reassuring to have your company on this expedition of mine :-)
We've discovered that the HDs are actually over 2 yrs old by finding original bills. However, their installation was prompted by the original HD failing in the 1st place! Such is our expectation that HDs should last forever (well more then 2 yrs, anyway!)
Especially as I also installed 2 HDs at the same time as he did, and I've not had any faults with mine (yet ~ touch wood!)

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