Disgusting emails

  Nuneatonian 09:24 23 Aug 2006

We keep getting emails with porn content. Some are addressed to my daughters email address. Some don't even have our email address on. One sounding it was supposed to go to an email address to one of those stock exchange addresses in America. I keep adding to our block senders lists,and or have them automatically deleted. We have also received some with unfamiliar text with funny letters and symbols.
I am sick of them.

A very annoyed Nuneatonian

  johnnyrocker 09:26 23 Aug 2006

click here and get mailwasher, spam generally depends on the type of sites visited.


  Nuneatonian 09:40 23 Aug 2006

Regarding sites visited, I have set the censor thingy on my computer which restricts what is downloaded, the strict option.
What gets me is that sometimes we have visited a innocent website, like Harrison Ford, and a load of topless models has popped up, even with the popup blocker on. What that's got to do with Harrison Ford beats me.
Our computer is in the Lounge so there is no naughty sneaky peeps on certain websites. My son is only interested in football and my daughter is only interested in films and tv.

  FelixTCat 10:17 23 Aug 2006


email addresses can be "harvested" from the address books in email programs by trojans and viruses. It is quite likely that the address book of one of your childrens' friends gas been compromised in this way and the addresses sold on to a database, which is then sold on to porn merchants and spammers.

As johnnyrocker suggested, Mailwasher is a program that reads the titles, from address and the first few lines of emails on the email server before they even get to your pc, so you can delete the bad ones and only download the emails you want. This is very safe, because clever spammers can tell that you have opened an email on your pc and thus know the address is "live" even without you having to reply.



  €dstowe 10:32 23 Aug 2006

If you are not already doing so, it would be wise to do some anti-malware scans to make sure you don't have any spyware and such like on your machine.

One or more of these would potentially help

click here

click here

click here

They don't cost any money and are good at what they do.

Also, ensure that your antivirus program is up to date.

  silverous 12:06 23 Aug 2006

Also be very careful with your email address. If your daughters for example regularly send jokes etc. round all their friends and one of their friend's PC address book gets 'harvested' then it could be picked up that way. It is best to use bcc when emailing large groups of people to protect your email address.

Also if you/they publish your email address anywhere on the internet it will be picked up.

Best to tackle both how you use your email addy (I get virtually no spam to mine and have had it for over 3 years) as well as installing some kind of filter to get rid of it.

  Diversion 04:19 24 Aug 2006

Zone Alarm firewall is very good at stopping that sort of material and stops children from accessing these nasty sites. But as the other people have already said you need anti spyware software and they have put some good links for anti spyware but I think you need Spybot Search & Destroy , I am surprised that no-one as put the link up so I will click here This is also free. And free Zone Alarm Firewall click here.

I hope you get the problem sorted, as I wouldn't want my grandchildren exposed to that sort of stuff. I use Zone Alarm, Spybot and Lavasoft Ad-Aware SE but that program you have to pay for, and that program has a good popup stopper built into it. Although I've been told by Johnnyrocker that there is a free Ad-Aware but it doesn't include the popup stopper.

Regards D

  Enoch 06:05 24 Aug 2006

I had exactly the same problem and after advice from this forum, not only did I instal Mailwasher I also contacted my ISP. They put filters on my account which effectivly stopped all emails that did NOT have a return address. Now, most of my Spam is from investment companies which I deal with via Mailwasher.

  €dstowe 06:33 24 Aug 2006

"I think you need Spybot Search & Destroy , I am surprised that no-one as put the link up"

Spybot can be a bit scary for people not fully au fait with computers. That is why I didn't put a link for it. Also, I find that the other programs, that I did link to, tend to be somewhat more thorough.

In some tests I did (OK, not under controlled conditions) a scan with Spybot came up clean but Ewido came up with five nasties. I've obtained similar results on other machines with the other programs.

Regarding Enoch's post, you may find that your ISP already has a spam trap available on your machine and all that is required then is to switch it on.

  Enoch 07:19 24 Aug 2006

I've had a second thought regarding this thread. I travel a lot and usually use either the airport lounge internet or the hotel internet. I go into my email account via my ISP's home page, which then shows me all my unread emails. At that point I can delete rubbish, read and/or save or delete my good emails, at my own choice. By not deleting emails that I want to keep on the ISP home page I still will be able to download them on my own PC when back at base

This may be worth a try. I does not help to aleviate the Spam problem, but at least it will stop Spam from downloading onto your PC

  Enoch 07:21 24 Aug 2006

Sorry, the point I am making in my prior post is that this action can be done on your PC at HOME as well as when travelling

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