Discs won't play...

  northerngirl 11:48 06 Dec 2007

Since I lent my computer to a friend(WINDOWS XP) whose own is broken, I have had a few problems. The latest one is that I cannot get any disc to play. It goes into the drive, lights flash, it makes all the usual noises but then nothing. I have looked at device manager and can see no yellow exclamation marks or anything untoward.
I really need a solution as I need to get on with an OU essay and to play a disc. Anyone offer some advice please, apart from never offer the use of ones computer.

  Kemistri 12:11 06 Dec 2007

Check the autoplay settings. Right-click > Properties > Autoplay tab.

  Totally-braindead 12:14 06 Dec 2007

If you go into MY COMPUTER does the drive appear?

I suspect not, you mentioned lending it to a friend and I assume it has therefore been moved, one of the most common things is the ribbon cable inside the PC coming loose. I suggest you check that.

  northerngirl 12:21 06 Dec 2007

Sorry, I should have explained that the computer has not been moved, so it is unlikley that anything has come loose.
Please could you explain a bit more re the autoplay tab? I can see the name of the drive, is that what I should be looking for? Sorry to be so dim :)

  keef66 13:55 06 Dec 2007

if you can see the name of the drive, right click on it and choose properties, and the second tab should be autoplay. Have a look in there and choose what you want it to do with various kinds of disks, eg for music CD click in 'select an action to perform' and highlight 'play music cd using windows media player' then click 'apply'
Next time you bung in an audio cd it should automatically play using media player.

  driving man 17:12 06 Dec 2007

keef66 --- unless media player has a fault and an alternative player is not chosen.
Northerngirl does the Win Med Player show on monitor---- if so insert a music disc and check the progress bar at the bottom to see if its playing.
If it is use system restore ---after saving any important files----to a point where you know it last played.
PC's do sometimes get their knickers in a twist

  northerngirl 17:53 06 Dec 2007

Thanks everyone for taking the trouble to help.
Media player is working OK, with music already on there but no disc is working in the drive.
I need to have it working as I have a Uni disc I need to play. I think I will now go and punch a cushion or something :)

  brundle 18:17 06 Dec 2007

If the drive itself isn't showing in "My Computer"; click here

  driving man 18:18 06 Dec 2007

have you not got another music player--- winamp---realmusic--- or something similar you could use------- if not download winamp as its rather good

  postie24 19:41 06 Dec 2007

Try uninstalling the drive in device manager.Reboot and windows will reinstall,it may help.
If not post back and you can try a registry fix.

  northerngirl 10:39 07 Dec 2007

Postie24 thank you, and everyone else.
I can see DVD CD Rom Drive and then Toshiba DVD drive. Do I uninstall the Toshiba? If so will Windows automatically reinstall or do I need to do something?

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