Discovering details of PC

  aca 20:56 22 Aug 2006

I have been given an old Mesh PC, hard drive removed. Trying to find out what spec the Motherboard has. All I can see is Asus label, but no other details.

It has build date of 1998, is it likely to take a standard Ide hard drive?

Any other suggestions for getting info.

Obviously cant boot up to use Everest.

  ed-0 21:12 22 Aug 2006

" is it likely to take a standard Ide hard drive? "


" Any other suggestions for getting info. "

the motherboard will have a selection of code numbers, post them here, look near the white pci slots.

You can still boot the machine, without any harddrive. On the first post screen you should have a selection of codes at the bottom of the page. freeze the screen by pressing the pause button and write down the details.

  aca 22:01 22 Aug 2006

thanks ed-0

i had wondered whether poss to boot up using a Linux
live cd that I have.

will follow your suggestions and post back

  ed-0 22:11 22 Aug 2006

If you have the minimum amount of hardware, the machine will post with invalid system disk or no hard drive found. No need for an O\S, they maybe enough code to gleam some info.

A motherboard with cpu, one stick of memory and some kind of graphics, bundled into a case should be enough to post.

  johnnyrocker 23:08 22 Aug 2006

as its a mesh i personally would bin it.


  Stuartli 23:13 22 Aug 2006

On what precise basis do you proffer such ridiculous advice?

  johnnyrocker 23:14 22 Aug 2006

my previous experience and difficulties resulting in £1100 refund. and there is nothing ridiculous about my opinion.


  Stuartli 23:18 22 Aug 2006

I bought a £750 Mesh system for an elderly friend (82 at the time) nearly three years ago - it has never missed a beat despite a "newbie" using it.

But I certainly don't claim that every Mesh system ever made is equally as reliable and you shouldn't base Mesh's entire production standards on one experience either.

  terryf 23:18 22 Aug 2006

can you get a hard drive from another machine, instal it temporarily (just hang it in the wiring) and then run belarc advisor

  johnnyrocker 23:24 22 Aug 2006

it was a twelve month experience with 3 hard drives destroyed during talk through etc, it is not a case of one experience as a search for mesh in forums as you well know will produce mountains of posts.


  rodriguez 23:38 22 Aug 2006

johnnyrocker you are right to dislike Mesh - we had one from them and had a very bad experience with both the build quality and customer service so now i build my own computers, but they might be good with other people... I say "might". click here for SIW which will give allsorts of information about your computer and it's components. You should be able to boot a Linux live CD however don't expect it to run too fast as it is a 1998 machine which will probably have a CPU speed of around 400 to 500 MHz. If it's this old you can use it for simple tasks such as Word and other office applications and also it should cope with multimedia such as DVD and video playback and CD recording. But if you want it for video editing and other CPU-heavy tasks you'll either have to wait ages for it or it won't do it at all. But it should still be a fairly good computer as it is as long as you don't want it to do heavy duties.

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