vernacott 13:17 06 Apr 2008

Hi there,

I recently started to have a problem where when I connect or power on my pc, it appears to make my router disconnect. If I turn off or unplug the pc from the router, the connection returns until I power on the pc again. This continues for a while and the problem eventually seems to fix itself (usually occurs when I first switch on the pc in the morning and is usually fine for the rest of the day).

I also use an xbox 360 online which is fine until I turn on the pc and the connection light disapears again.

It seems as if my pc is telling my router to disconnect for some reason.

Any suggestions to what is causing this?

Many thanks,


  Daveboy 13:30 06 Apr 2008

Your PC's PSU may be developing a fault that produces a "REIN" signal that overpowers your B/band signal.

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