disconnection from net when my son plays "wow"

  martd77 20:22 26 Jul 2010

This is rather a long standing problem so please bear with me
I have a dual core intel vista based pc using vigin 20mb broadband,connected to a buffalo wireless router which serves my sons pc,and my wife and daughters laptops wirelessly
Wife and daughter use the service for email browsing etc,my son uses his to play online games "league of legends" and "wow"
The problem i have is when my son is playing wow if i go to use my pc sometimes its disconnected during a download and i have to reset the modem,router,pc etc more often than not,if i put say a vista update on its incredibly slow while hes playing "wow"
Virgin have tested my line and even replaced the modem but the problem persists,the router is 3months old,previously we had a belkin 54g which i replaced thinking it was at fault
Any advice or help much appreciated

  martd77 20:26 26 Jul 2010

just to add i get the message "limited or no connectivity","access local connection only"

  mgmcc 20:45 26 Jul 2010

Is your PC using a "wired" or a "wireless" connection to the router?

With a "wired" connection, each of the router's LAN ports will support data transfer at 100Mbps.

With 802.11g "wireless", which has a nominal speed of 54Mbps, in practice this will be closer to 30Mbps, BUT this bandwidth is *shared* by all wireless connections. It's possible, therefore, that your son's games activity is monopolising the available bandwidth.

  martd77 15:58 27 Jul 2010

yes it is wired to the router through the cable modem
Well thats what conclusion ive come to his games are using all the bandwidth,i just need some solution to this other than the obvious taking him off his pc which wouldnt go down too well

  Ashrich 11:09 04 Aug 2010

This sounds like a QOS ( quality of service ) problem , which wireless router do you have ?


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