disconnection on dial up

  toniclady 23:49 09 Feb 2004

does anyone know why i keep getting disconnected at the phone line?
i am running xp, have 128 memory, im on cable dial up, it happens about 7/8 times an hr

  hugh-265156 00:41 10 Feb 2004

try removing all other phones from ext sockets.

try plugging your modem directly into the master phone socket.

  toniclady 00:51 10 Feb 2004

i have done all that, and it still disconnects, some days i can be online for a few hrs b4 it disconnects

  hugh-265156 01:04 10 Feb 2004

i had similar problems with dial up myself(aol) when i used it.comes with the teritory i think.maybe your isp is busy at certain times of day.

ask the phone provider to check your line maybe.

  Djohn 02:06 10 Feb 2004

Where in the house is your PC placed? Is it possible that the power circuit your using also has another appliance on it that is cutting in/out, similar to what a fridge does. This might just be enough of a power surge to cause the connection to drop.

If your cable connection and modem settings turn out to be OK, then try running an extension lead from a different power circuit to your PC. If this cures the problem then plug your PC into a surge protector, [should be anyway to be on the safe side]. Then into the mains power.

Sometimes you will know this is happening if your speakers are on and you hear a faint, or loud even, spitting or cracking noise at intervals. j.

  Stuartli 09:21 10 Feb 2004

Have you checked the Outlook Express configuration?

In the Send/Receive panel you may have Hang Up When Finished enabled.

Also check IE>Tools>Connections tab>highlight your ISP>Settings>click on Advanced button and, again, check the configuration is as required re connections.

  toniclady 21:18 10 Feb 2004

my phone line is ok, my pc is in the living room, on a single socket, i do hear crackling or spitting noises, sometimes,
the Hang Up When Finished is NOT enabled now and is set to the right connections.
will come back in a couple of hrs to see if this has worked
thnx guys

  gold 47 23:01 10 Feb 2004

You should not get noises on your line this could cause problems with dial up,do you have call waiting on your phone?

  toniclady 23:15 10 Feb 2004

the noises aren't from the phone its coming through the speakers, not very often and no i dont have call waiting.
well, i have been online for a couple of hrs and only got disconnected twice, so i did something right lol
thnx guys

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