Disconnecting Broadband

  bassbone 22:11 09 Mar 2003

I have been having problems with this
( Freeserve / USB Alactel ), but have discovered that the problem seems to being caused by the way my rather old computer is handling USB.
I don't pretend to know what's going on but by uninstalling all other USB devices ( printer / scanner / card reader ) Broadband stays on line.
The other items can then be re-installed and all is OK (for a while)
Hope this helps

  he he :-)™ 22:15 09 Mar 2003

hmmm... What if u want the printer?

  bassbone 22:19 09 Mar 2003

As I said, the other devices can be re-installed and all is OK for a while, but then some sort of corruption occurs again!

  MichelleC 09:12 10 Mar 2003

It could be software or hardware. If you can give us your hardware spec and os...

  Spook Tooth 09:47 10 Mar 2003

As MichelleC says, the more detail you provide the easier it will be for anyone to respond.

I looked in because for a long time I had an awful time with ADSL frequently disconnecting - this can be due to loss of synchronicity from your computer to the exchange - 'loss of sync', as they call it. There are many causes.

You have already helped by referring to what improves the situation, removal of USB devices. But you are vague - you mean disconnection rather than outright uninstallation (uninstalling the software and drivers from whatever version of windows? you are using). Try find out which device it was - unless as you allude to it is actually *all* of them.

So - does Device Manager (Control Panel/System/etc) display any sign of trouble with your USB controller(s)? Do you have more than one? Often a motherboard/computer will have 2 controllers which will be looking after, say, the front USB ports (if any) and the back ones - so check them both is advised. If you have already, perhaps there is an updated file available from the manufacturer's website of either the USB device itself (if separate PCI device) or most likely your motherboard website. ASUS for example have many USB (USB2) updates and these can be related to updates in motherboard chipset drivers also, which is my second suggestion.

I found with my own disconnection problem that the VIA 'Hyperion' 4 in 1 drivers were the source of my line sync woes, and this only after weeks of online investigation, BT engineers, my ISP support line/web based FAQ - so it is well worth checking out for different versions of whichever Chipset your motherboard uses, NFORCE and SIS are two others.

Just download the system info getter from click here or click here if 1st link is duff, and that should tell you what's what if you need it. The Via Hyperion drivers as far as I know are the latest (but not the greatest), and it is more important to try a variety of supported drivers, than just the most recent.

I hope this actually solves the problem - if not - then contact both your ISP as well as post in the ADSL GUIDE forum, click here. People there (ADSLGUIDE) are amazingly well up on these kinds of issues, though they didn't discover the hyperion thing for me (nrrrr). But I forgive 'em. Give them a go or fire again back here, but post what you've done and more about what the problem is, together with system spec.

regards - ST

  bassbone 14:53 10 Mar 2003

The computer is a 4 year old Elonex Celeron 400, MS-6116 M/Board. There are only 2 USB ports on the back of the tower, I am using a Powered 7 way USB hub. Device Manager (Control Panel/System/etc)does not display any sign of trouble with my USB controller. What put me on to this was the fact that as the modem disconnected, the lights on the hub flashed as during boot up, and the computer froze for a second or two. This also happened with the modem disconnected from the hub thus ruling out exchange / line problems.
Sorry I was vague, I meant the physical disconnection AND un-installation of all relevant drivers/software.
I have re-installed / connected my Epson 680 printer and so far all seems OK, this perhaps points to the Microtek Phantom C60 scanner.
It seems that I can fully re-install both printer and scanner and all is OK for a while, but then some sort of conflict or corruption occurs and the USB "refresh" returns!
Thanks for your interest.

  bassbone 14:54 10 Mar 2003

OS is Windows 98

  bassbone 15:30 10 Mar 2003

Ignore what I just said about the printer being OK, it's started happening again, the printer was turned off at the time.
Have disconnected / fully un-installed the printer for the time being to see how it behaves with just the modem installed (unless I need to use the scanner or printer of course!}

  BRYNIT 17:12 10 Mar 2003

Have you tried putting the modem direct into the computor and not through the hub

  bassbone 17:23 10 Mar 2003

Yes thanks, but it makes no difference.

  Spook Tooth 00:31 11 Mar 2003

So, the problem only occurs with the scanner and printer installed?

You could check the BIOS settings for USB. In some instances USB ports can lose power, if set incorrectly in the BIOS. You could probably just reset the BIOS and save to default settings, see if that helped.

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