Disconnected from Net when phone rings

  Ms_Dial 00:20 09 Apr 2003

This happens to my friend, any idea what I can tell her to do? It's a Dell 4550 with all the whistles and bells. Says it just recently started doing this, didn't always.

Thanks for any assistance!

  Djohn 00:32 09 Apr 2003

Does your friends phone have the 1571 answering service? If so I think this may be the cause. J.

  Zaxifone 00:33 09 Apr 2003

Has she just had call waiting activated? Its just that call waiting can do that...


  Ms_Dial 00:48 09 Apr 2003

I don't know about either of these, but I will find out. :o)

  Ms_Dial 17:01 09 Apr 2003

Says she has had call waiting from the beginning, but before it always just gave a busy signal (I don't understand that part myself, thought call waiting eliminated busy signals, maybe a malfunction?). What should she do? Call her phone provider and cancel the call waiting?

  graham 17:45 09 Apr 2003

Your friend can activate/de-activate call waiting herself, can't find the card with the codes on right now, the operator will tell you. A v92 modem recognizes the call waiting beep and attempts to put the internet call on hold whilst you take the call. Unfortunately, most ISPs don't support this feature yet so the call is disconnected.

Some people want this to happen, others don't!

A modem other than v92 will see the beep as noise and will disconnect the internet call.

  graham 17:51 09 Apr 2003

Call waiting:

To set *43

To check *43

To cancel 43

  Ms_Dial 21:41 09 Apr 2003

Thanks so much! Will pass this on and see what happens.

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