disc wont read

  liquid snake 21:51 05 Jul 2003

Disc's Dont Read!!!!!

im having a problem with my cd drive.....when i insert a disc it doesnt seem to read.....it shows the little cd icon above the mouse when the cd is inserted but its just doesnt come up with a prompt box and i go into my computer to see if it has loaded in there but it hasn'.......it doesnt read blank cd's and some copied cd's......i had the same program on two different cd's but one worked and the othere one didnt....but they both work on my friends pc......what the hell is going on i need desperate help

  jospar 22:21 05 Jul 2003

Liquid snake

If your cd-rom is old, then this can cause problems. My old 32x drive will only read a cd-R copied disk, try putting in a rewrite it can not see the disk.

It goes something like this, a factory produced cd-rom disk has its data stamp onto the disk, which has a reflective coating, this ceates hills and pits to repersent the data, and it cause the lazer beam to reflect back in a different way, depending on weather it hits a hill or a pit.

A cd-r also has a reflective surface, and the hills and pits that create the data is burn't into this surface, in a cd-rom it acts very much like a pressed cd-rom, so most cd-roms can pick up the beam being returned. So age of the crd-machine doesn't really effect it's ability to read data.

But cd-rw tend to use a dye that when heated changes colour, to repersent the hill and pits of data. this tends to lead to a slightly less reflective surface, so older drives can not pick up the flection as well, leading to the believe that no data is present.

And sometimes it could be that the drive just doesn't like the make of the cd-r or cd-rw disk, if this could be the case check your manual or makers web site and they should give more information of what media is compatiable.


If you have a new drive reinstall the drivers for it, as these might of become corrupt, or even out of date.

hopefully these might give you some idea whats happening, as you haven't said what spec your machine is or that of your friends.

Sorry if I haven't explained myself very weel, ut I've just spent 6 hours trying to work out whay only half of my camping trailer lights would work, and where the fault was, a head spinner or what?

  hugh-265156 22:32 05 Jul 2003

i have a great big box or imation coasters that i bought cheap.my drive only reads or writes to them if it feels like it.

if i pay a few pence more and buy a spindle of slightly more expensive discs this doesnt happen.

it took me two months to figure this out.

try a different brand maybe.

  jospar 23:54 05 Jul 2003

Some other uses for duff disk

String on cotton across the garden, makes a good cat/bird scarer.

Get the kids to draw pattern/pictures on them and make a mobile.

Or in my case I kept a stack by the computer, this is for when 'that bright idea I had' all gone to pot, they get flung across the room at great speed, mind you hubby isn't impressed with the dents that he's had to take out of the plaster. But the kids have now learn't to knock on the door before entering!

Sadly they don't make very good flower pots or ash tray, won't melt and ben very well!

  hugh-265156 00:03 06 Jul 2003

try control panel/system/hardware/device manager/ and right click on the drive.choose uninstall then restart the computer and windows will detect it again and reinstall the drivers.

do bought discs work ok?

as above though if it only happens with cdrs/rws try a different brand.

  liquid snake 13:50 06 Jul 2003

some bought discs word and some dont it just seems my drive is very fussy......im all confused :s

  Andybear 20:50 06 Jul 2003

Another use for duff CD's - one guy I used to work with used to save all the CD's he got in magazines and then hang them up on a Christmas tree outside in his garden. He said they looked very bright and sparkly when the light shone on them and it didn't matter if anyone tried to nick them.

  DieSse 23:53 06 Jul 2003

Time for a new drive - they're very cheap.

  woodchip 00:04 07 Jul 2003

It seams to be a problem this with new drives also, as I have found that some disc's that will not read on a modern fast drive, will read in my old computer Mitsumi 4 speed

  Ironman556 00:12 07 Jul 2003

I was going to suggest a drive/CD player cleaning disc. You can pick them up in loads of places now, got mind from Sainsbury's for about £10. Don't use the one's with liquids though, get one that has a little brush on the underside of the disc. It'll clean off any dust that may have settled on the laser.

I said I was... I then read DieSse's comment, you can pick a standard CD-ROM up for less than £20 click here you could even go for a DVD ROM for abour £25

  Dekay 00:22 07 Jul 2003

Have you tried reducing the record speed.
Wots a couple of mins.

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