Disc wipe

  ericstoe 11:37 18 Dec 2004

I recently suffered from a lot of virus's and system errors so had my c drive cleared and reloaded windows, Norton etc. Within 5 mins of re-starting I had more virus's and kept on getting messages saying various programmes wanted me to connect to the internet. I'm not too sure that my disc was cleared thoroughly and need some advice about how to re-do this. I am running XP

  powerless 11:51 18 Dec 2004

When you wipe the disc as you say, you delete everything* in that when you reinstall Windows nothing from a previous installation will have remained.

*Without getting to technical.

Is Windows XP updated to Service Pack 1 or 2? Or have you not applied any Windows Updates?

You might want to check all of your installation disks for viruses.

  Newuser4343 11:51 18 Dec 2004

Try running norton Antivirus Then Spybot Search and destroy and Ad Aware Available as downloads from PC Advisor or on cover disc

  woody 11:51 18 Dec 2004

When you put the main Xp disk in did it ask if you want to reformat and did you reformat?
Did you disconnect from the web before loading all the software?
You comp may have been connected before you loaded Norton etc and it was reinfected?
The CD you use to load xp is clean?

  spanneress 11:53 18 Dec 2004

When you say 'virus's'..what *exactly* do you mean..can you give more details? It is unlikely on a clean install with reputable software that you have been deluged with virus's if you have not yet been on line.

More details please.

  rawprawn 11:56 18 Dec 2004

Just a thought, it may be your firewall that is asking if some programs can access the internet. This is not a fault as some need access to funtion. What are the programs ? and how did you know you had more viruses again ?

  Kegger 11:57 18 Dec 2004

hi ericstoe,
no you didn't wipe the drive correctly,to do it properly you will need a boot disk, to get hold of one if you dont have one click here you will need one x floopy disk. build the disk and insert into PC turn on pc and go into the bios setup ensure that floppy drive is enabled, come out of bios after saveing changes (if ness) boot PC and you will eventually end up at a prompt type in format C: an error messsage will state that you will lose all informmation on drive (as Long as you have backed up everything you need) select Y for format to go ahead, after format is complete rebuild from new XP install

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:59 18 Dec 2004

Clean install windows XP
click here

  ericstoe 12:03 18 Dec 2004

I have service pack 1 but quickly upgraded to 2
Have Norton and adaware and spybot but didn't help and comp is now running so slow it is difficult to re-run them.
XP did not ask if I wanted to format the disc but the person who did it for me tells me that he did reformat though it is possible that it auto connected. I had to reactivate my firewll for some reason so infection was poss.
My software is clean as it came with the computer 2 years ago from a reputable dealer. Unfortunately I cannot ID the virus as my PC is almost unusable.
Any further comments welcome

  ericstoe 12:30 18 Dec 2004

I'm trying to do the boot disk method that kegger described. When i go to microsoft to download, it is saying I need 6 disks. Is this right??

  VoG II 12:33 18 Dec 2004

Yes if you are trying to get the Microsoft set of disks. Kegger was suggesting going to click here and downloading onto a single floppy. You don't need the Microsoft set.

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