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  Pan Man 15:13 02 Nov 2010

I need a bit of advice. I have a Samsung N220 + notebook with a 250 gb hard drive formatted NTFS. The machine runs Windows7 Starter Edition. When this machine was set up the hard drive was partitioned into C and D drives as follows. C Drive = 85 GB and D Drive = 128 GB. This option was only available at first startup. The C drive is the Primary Partition while D is a Logical Drive. There is also a 20 GB Recovery Partition and a 100 MB System Partition which are on Disc 0 and I think are partitions on the C Drive as looking at the drives in Disk Management they are shown the same colour (Dark blue) for which it says Primary Partition. The D Drive is a lighter blue and is shown as a logical drive The D drive was supposed to be for backups but I would like to resize this to around 50 Gb and make the C drive larger by the corresponding amount. I would like to do this without destroying the data on the drives. I have been told that the free program Easus Partition Software would do this job. Am I correct in this assumption or can you recommend any other free partition software.

  BRYNIT 15:46 02 Nov 2010

Easeus partition magic free click here

Remember to backup all files.

Select the drive you want to reduce and click on resize/move, reduce size then click on apply. When this has completed Select C drive and increase the size then click on the apply button.

The reason for doing it one at a time is in case of a power glitch I had two yesterday closing down my computer.

You could also download Partition recovery just in case of a problem. click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:32 02 Nov 2010

You should be able to do it with window 7 own disk management.

  john bunyan 21:21 02 Nov 2010

Your decision, but why change? I would have thought that 85 Gig is enough for most programme files and you could arrange all your self generated data to go to the D Drive by programming Windows Explorer. I prefer such a set up so I can more easily make frequent back ups to the data with a mirror image, making an image clone of the system partition to another drive.

  Covergirl 21:27 02 Nov 2010

I wish it were that simple click here

I'm still struggling . . . probably all explained in the help file but it's getting the time to read and understand.

  woodchip 22:54 02 Nov 2010

If you mess with the Partitions now you will lose the ability to Recover you Netbook. You are better leaving them as is

  woodchip 22:57 02 Nov 2010

I have a Samsung NC10 I created a Backup like you did. If you want to do what you want with partitions. You need to first buy a External USB drive and Acronis True Image and make a Image of the entire drive to the external USB drive. this way it can be restored from the USB drive if it all goes wrong later on

  woodchip 22:59 02 Nov 2010

It will take a while to create the backup as its only a Atom CPU so you will need to leave it running. Also check the Image to make sure it works, as a DUD Image is like not having one at all

  Pan Man 10:37 03 Nov 2010

I am quite confused now. It all looked so simple with BRYNIT's first reply but subsequent replies make it seem that there are problems especial regarding losing the Recovery Partition. I have an image backup of the drive on an external hard drive but does that include the Recovery Partition? This was created using the Samsung Backup Software hich came on the notebook.

  woodchip 12:27 03 Nov 2010

As I said Acronis will Image the whole drive including the recovery Partition

  BRYNIT 15:44 03 Nov 2010

Nothing is as simple as it looks and not everyone can understand how a program works or how to do something its a learning curve. We all have strong and week points.

I have just done a quick resize of my hard drive partitions with Easeus just to confirm what I had written. What I forgot to mention was Easeus asks to reboot the computer this is to allow the program to resize the C drive as it cannot do it when Windows is running. It may need to reboot again to complete the process before booting into windows.

Pan Man

If you are not sure and it looks too confusing why not just do a bit of housekeeping.

85GB is large enough for any OS and I don't understand why you need to resize. If its to gain space on the C drive try removing all programs not being used, it’s surprising how many programs are not used on a computer taking up space. You could also move all your files from your C drive to the D drive this would also give more space.

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