Disc to mp3

  tomtojo 12:29 13 Feb 2007

Hi everyone,
I have just bought my wife a mp3 player for valentine's day, better than rose's!!.
she is out at the moment, and I am trying to copy her
cd's to file so I can transfer them to her mp3 player
I am using Nero to do this with mp3pro.
After copying one cd Nero tell's me I have to purchase a mp3pro plugin, as the trial is over.
Is there another way of doing it,


  bennyhillslovechild 12:39 13 Feb 2007

I just use windows media player to rip my cds

  tomtojo 12:46 13 Feb 2007

Will that convert the cd to mp3 file's so I can copy them to mp3 player.


  VideoSentry 12:54 13 Feb 2007

Can the MP3 player not cope with WMA files? Most can but if your unsure post the make/model and we'll be able to tell you.

  tomtojo 13:01 13 Feb 2007

Hi VideoSentry,
Yes it can,but I know nothing about mp3 player's, so I woud,nt know where to start.
any help, Thanks,

  sikefula 13:04 13 Feb 2007

Yes it does,when rippimg with Windows Media Player-click-RIP-click on downward arrow-click FORMAT-choose MP3-here you go

-this is assuming you have the latest WMP installed.


  tomtojo 13:12 13 Feb 2007

Thank's sikefula,
I will give it a go, when I used Nero
it was very fast, will your way be just as fast?.
Thank's again.


  VideoSentry 13:20 13 Feb 2007

They say that WMA files are better quality for less space so just use WMP and convert to WMA.
Good Luck

  tomtojo 13:28 13 Feb 2007

Thank's VideoSentry,
I don,t realy understand all this file stuff, but I will give it a go, and see what happen,s.
If anyone can give me a start to finnish (idiot,s) gide I would be realy grateful.


  sikefula 13:34 13 Feb 2007

lol-fast enough to get the job done before the wife comes back-is she a heavy shopper like mine?? (joke)

  tomtojo 13:41 13 Feb 2007

Hi sikefula,
I think she has got a degree in shopping!!

Thank,s again

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