Disc error

  Sorrowfully 11:35 24 Aug 2009

Uh-oh. Apologies is this is a little vague.

Running a relatively new relatively hi-spec machine, Windows Vista etc.

A couple of weeks ago it started crashing occassionally then getting blue screen on start-up but would work fine when I went to the start normally option.

Then all of a sudden... Dead. On turn on it simply simply says disc error, press control alt delete to reboot but you never progress pass this.

If you reboot with windows Vista disc in you can progress so I reinstalled windows vista but at start-up the problem simply repeats and it says there is a memory error. When you run self diag in windows vista it says memory error and cant diagnose it.

Obviously, have swopped out my 3d card and my ram but this has no effect. People have suggested it could be the hard drive... any advice mucgh appreciated!

  bremner 17:11 24 Aug 2009

The error message certainly suggests a hard drive failure but it is odd as you were able to reinstall Vista.

I would certainly try a different HDD before going any further.

  sonyboy 17:17 24 Aug 2009

Could be an impending H/D failure...Just as a matter of interest...Have you heard any strange "tinkling" or "whirring" or screeching sounds from your HD at all? If you have..its' almost certainly your HD about to go AWOL!

  Sorrowfully 17:26 24 Aug 2009

Hi, I have not heard any strange whirrings of particular note. For a while the PC has sometimes struggled when new software has been downloaded onto it - refusing to run it properly etc - but this has been intermittent.

To be hoinest, having spent £700 on a base unit just more than 12 months ago, I cant believe I am sat here with no PC and the expense of either replacing the HD or buying a new one!

Thi sis the culprit!

click here

  sonyboy 19:10 24 Aug 2009

Intermittent faults can be a real pain to pin down..as bremner said..the fact that you could reinstall your O/S and the "disk error" then changed to a "memory error" pointed to a hard disk issue initially.
From the information you posted it could be a number of things...
I've seen a faulty PSU cause start up issues and flag error messages at startup due to the fact that the hard drive was not attaining the correct spindle speed and the disk platters would not read correctly..
Because components need a stable voltage distributed to the various hardware items in order to enable smooth operation.....a fault here could affect your HD !
A lot of PSU's fail miserably in this area and can be the source of bother..from your link ..it looks as if you have paid for an upgrade to an 800W PSU unit..If its a cheaper generic model that has been used in your build..It may just be the culprit if it isn't distributing a steady reliable voltage to the components..
It looks like you have just missed out on your warranty too if you took the 12 month classic option !
No doubt some of the other guys on forum will have some ideas..but swapping out suspect faulty units is sometimes the only way to ID the cause of the error.This could mean trying another HD or PSU if you can access them

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