disc clean up

  nikef 15:30 17 Jul 2008

Hi ,i am using disc clean up
would it be safe to re-move
previous windows installation(s) 24.9gb


  Clapton is God 15:37 17 Jul 2008

Previous "windows installations" of what?

  nikef 15:40 17 Jul 2008

I think there vista installations has i have re-installed vista


  nikef 17:17 17 Jul 2008

hope that helps

  bluto1 21:55 17 Jul 2008

I've got to assume that "previous windows installation(s)" is actually a named candidate for removal. I use XP and have never seen that entry in Disc Cleanup, but I have always deleted everything found.
Has your PC had any other version of Windows on it? Have you upgraded from a "lesser" version.
Finally, which Windows system do you have now.
nikef, we need answers to these questions so we can help you. Every one of us had these types of question to ask when we started up and a lot of us still do.

  nikef 12:00 21 Jul 2008

Hi bluto1 and thank you
sorry its vista
what happened was i bought a pc with vista on,it came with the upgrade disc,so i thought i would upgrade vista,so i started to install it,and as the installation progressed i realised i was just installing vista again,those upgrade disc are very confussing :o(

hope this is more clearer,sorry for any spelling mistakes

  [email protected] 12:14 21 Jul 2008

do you have a folder named 'windows old' on the system drive? if so i deleted this on every vista install i have done, theres nothing in it you have used since your o/s install. it's useful if you have to do a reinstall it will put all the games programs in it, but wont use anything unless you rename the files. so have a quick look through check that there's nothing forgotten in there you may like to save.
it's so massive that it may confuse vista trying to remove it as will have exe files in it, a couple of times i have had to zip it with winrar then delete, it will make a notable difference on your hard drive.

  nikef 08:22 22 Jul 2008

Hi adaman 2
yes they are windows.old files
i have removed these now thanks
i have gained extra space,i had 53.5 gb now i have 72.8 so yes i should be able to notice a difference

thanks to all that helped,will mark resolved

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