Disc Access Problems, - Motherboard or PC Internals Overheating?

  thegreypanther 09:14 26 Sep 2011

I have three hard drives inside my PC tower, - C, D, and E. All are 500 Mb. The C-drive I use for programs only. The other two drives are for data only. Reecently I have been having significant problems with accessing the data drives, though these problems seem to occur only after the PC has been in use for a few hours.

Although the temperature inside the PC is indicated as being only 35 C, I found that by a) giving the insides a good blowing with compressed air, and b) running with the side off the tower case, I could run for somewhat longer before experiencing any access problems.

Is it possible for hard drive access to be affected by internal temperatures?

Is there such a thing as a hard disc controller that is affected by temperature?

Maybe silly questions, but this apparent problem is causing me some grief right now.

  johndrew 10:01 26 Sep 2011

Have you tried viewing your HDD temperatures using such as Everest Home (which is free)? You can then compare the drive specification operating temperatures with those displayed.

You may also have a power problem depending on your PSU.

  thegreypanther 15:53 26 Sep 2011

Many thanks, Johndrew.

I had a try with Everest Home, but unfortunately the program isn't really compatible with the PC I am using. According to the blurb, support for Everest Home stopped after March 2006, and my particular chip set isn't recognised. On top of that the program won't run on my PC as it requires a digitally signed driver.

However, all is not lost!

Looking around, there is a temperature monitoring program called SpeedFan, http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php, which has shown where I MIGHT just have a problem. Although all three hard discs are running at 36 - 40 C (which should be OK), a temperature of 55 C is registered on one of the two fans.

As I am running with the PC case open, and I have recently cleaned the insides with compressed air, it looks as though this fan (and the bits being cooled by it) could be running hot. I think that I shall keep an eye on this fan and see whether a bit more cleaning will bring the temperature down, -and KEEP it down.

  johndrew 17:01 26 Sep 2011

I sounds as if you should be cleaning the fans and heatsinks. Use a small paintbrush and use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out. Be sure not to allow fans to spin under the effect of the vacuum or damage may result. Also be careful not to damage anything inside the case with the nozzle - it's easy to do.

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