Disaster = Motherboard???

  i've no idea 02:56 05 Sep 2008

Hi all hope you can help!

I built myself a shuttle type PC about 20 months ago and on Monday I couldn't get any diaplay on start up (although I could hear the disk reading and the Vista (64 bit) welcome note.

I checked the monitor and cable on my media pc and all was ok so asumed that the graphics card had gone. I though I confirmed this when I plugged the monitor in and to the built in VGA socket and got a display fine.

However tonight I have started up the pc and gpt nothing on thr display. Even more worrying I am not getting any moise from disk writes (although it appears to try and access the DVD drive) and am not getting any bios info on the screen.

I cannot believe that both the grahics card and hard drive would go within a couple of days so am assuming that perhaps the motherboard is the issue? I still have power to the graphics card as the fan is spinning so don't think it's a power problem. Could it be a bios problem?

Any ideas on where I go from here before I start ripping things out (haven't backed the hard drive up for a couple of months so could put in another computer to test and back up for example.

Any help and advice would be much appreciated!!

  baldydave 07:57 05 Sep 2008

Open up pc and remove faulty graphics card,then go into the bios and disable pci/agp card option.
On startup the bios will default to onboard video and not use plug in card.
At present with card installed it will default to this card and you will not get a signal from the onboard graphics.
Once you have something on screen you can see what other problems you have.

  i've no idea 08:28 05 Sep 2008

Thanks Baldydave.

As stated in my original I got the display to work via VGA but now can't get anything (not even bios) and disk doesn't read as it did previously. I suspect it's not a problem with the graphics card but a prob with mobo/power/bios??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:55 05 Sep 2008


check all connections to mobo and drives.
try with another PSU.

  i've no idea 12:36 05 Sep 2008

HI Fruit Bat /\0/\.

Tried all of this amd still nothing. Looks like mobo :-(

Am gping to put my hard drive from shuttle in my media PC as a slave to try and recover and backup.

Will this cause any conflicts?

  xania 13:05 05 Sep 2008

You could get an opening screen asking you which version of Windows you want to run, but this should default to the one you need - don't let WIndows attempt to install the shuttle version or you could find that you have an even worse OS when you put it back.

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