Disappointed re RAM increase - ? something I should do, pls???

  AroundAgain 18:29 03 Jan 2012

Hi I've recently bought an Acer Aspire One D257 netbook, running Win7 Starter and Android. It came with 1Gb RAM

Last week, I got 2Gb RAM from Crucial, as specified by them that was appropriate, fitted it with no problems, the netbook started up straight away.

However, I'm very disappointed as I don't see any difference from before the change of RAM. I have to admit to not having timed different actions, ie opening specific web pages, keeping up with typing in email etc but I had got the impression from reading around the subject, that there would be a noticeable improvement.

So, have I missed doing something? Do I have to 'tell' the machine the RAM is upgraded (can't believe one has to do that!!!!)

Hopefully, someone can just point me in the right direction. My other option is to try to contact Crucial and see if they can advise.

Thanks for any help Cheers

  mooly 19:10 03 Jan 2012

I think W7 starter is a very "light on resources" version specifically for netbooks. I guess it's possile that 1Gb RAM is actually sufficient for most purposes.

Now never having used W7 starter I don't know if this is possible but I would look at "System" in control panel and see if it shows your 2gb as the new RAM value.

  ICF 19:11 03 Jan 2012

Your never going to get blistering speeds on a netbook. Click start button bottom left of screen the right click computer select properties.This will show how much memory is installed.

  AroundAgain 19:21 03 Jan 2012

Hi mooly and thanks very much for such a quick response.

Yes, 2Gb RAM does show in 'Systems'. However, I haven't seen the 'Windows Experience' stuff before and having had a quick glance through it, I think it will be worth me having a thorough read and, hopefully, get an understanding of what that is about.

I agree that Win 7 Starter is supposed to be light on resources but with the specs of this machine, I would have expected a slightly better performance, even without the increased RAM. I am aware that 2Gb is the max that W7Starter will support but, in reviews etc, this increase has improved performance significantly, hence me increasing it.

I'll post back again, after studying the Windows Experience stuff but if you, or anyone, have any further suggestions, or experiences of change in performance having increased said RAM, I would be keen to hear.

Cheers J

  AroundAgain 19:28 03 Jan 2012

Thanks, ICF

Your notification must have come in as I was posting the previous message. As you can see, it shows that the 2Gb RAM is recognised.

I agree. I don't expect particularly fast performance but I don't see any improvement having increased the RAM and this is what disappoints me.

Still, maybe it was significantly slower before but, as I said, I don't feel there has been any change. Still, it was an interesting experience learning how to change the RAM and it wasn't expensive either so not a major issue, fortunately! ;)

So, keep any suggestions coming. I feel a phone call to Crucial and/or Acer coming on ... ;)


  mooly 19:38 03 Jan 2012

The WEI (Windows Experience Index) rating is worth running after any changes such as more RAM. Even driver updates can make small differences.

I'm running Vista but I think the screen layout is similar. Just click the Windows Experience Index button on the "system" page. Takes a minute or two to run as everything is measured and a rating given.

I found that if you clean install an OS and don't run the WEI then it just defaults to 1.00 and can stop features such as Aero running until the user runs WEI for a new score.

  birdface 21:29 03 Jan 2012

You can have 4Gb on windows 7.

If using I/E make sure compatibility view is ticked under Tools.

Once the Netbook starts go into Task manager.processes and see what is using up most of the CPU.

If nothing running system idle process should be showing about 97% and that is normal.

What security programs are you using including anti malware.

And finally did you remove any security programs that came with the Netbook.

  AroundAgain 23:36 03 Jan 2012

Thanks guys

Well, there is a bit there for me to be getting on with, I think, so it might take me a day or two to do it all.

As you've already gathered, I have no experience re WEI so that will be interesting.

Buteman, you have listed a number of very sensible things - thank you. Yes, I should have thought of some of them myself, but there you go ;)

I have Win 7 Starter on the Netbook, which only recognises up to 2Gb, although Win7 'proper' certainly does recognise 4Gb. If my memory serves me correctly (that's a rarity these days!) 64bit is up to 8Gb?, or is it 6Gb? Anyway, more than Win 7 32 bit.

So, I'll see to working through all your suggestions and will post back in due course.

Oh, by the way, yes, I uninstalled McAfee from the Netbook and run Avast! (free). I have to admit to not installing any malware program - rather remiss of me, eh? Thanks for the prompt. I'll download Malwarebytes, I think, unless you have a different recommendation.

Umm, having thought about it, I also should check the broadband speed. It's a new TalkTalk package!!!

I use Firefox and Thunderbird, both v 8 or 9. I am aware that I can generally type quickly but it really is a pain when I'm typing away and there's nothing happening on the screen till I stop - suggests to me that the machine isn't able to keep up. Would broadband speed affect this? I've not thought of that possibly being a possible cause. (Gmail IMAP account)

Well, it's turning out to be an interesting 'issue' and I'm sure I will learn a lot trying to sort it out.

Again, thanks. I'll post back in due course. Happy New Year to you all, by the way ;)

  mooly 07:28 04 Jan 2012

Broadband speed shouldn't come into really but if your curious you can easily check it here. Just lick the green "begin test" button after the web page loads. http://www.speedtest.net/

You mention McAffe. It's a personal choice what you use but I really like MSE (the free Microsoft full security package). It works and is light on resources.


It's very important that you uninstall McAffee correctly no matter what you use afterwards. You must initially activate any free trial and begin using it and then go to the McAffee site and download the official removal tool and run thatto remove all traces of McAffee. Only then should you install another security product.

As it's a new netbook and all a learning curve it's sometimes better having figured stuff out to go back and do a factory reset to bring it all back to day one and then go through it all again. Obviously back up any of your own files and so on first.

Can't really suggest much on the typing. Is it OK if you open a text editor program such as notepad or wordpad and just type away ?

  onthelimit1 08:56 04 Jan 2012


Most network mobos will only take 2Gb.

  birdface 09:45 04 Jan 2012


Ok did not realise that learn something new every day.Thanks for the info.

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