Disappearing user account

  Mike D 22:51 25 Nov 2007

Until last Thursday everything was hunky dory with my system. Then suddenly when I logged in I was presented with a different desktop and realised that I was logged in as Administrator. When I tried to change accounts there was only a Card Space user account (which I have not created) available, i.e. mine was missing. I can get back to normal with a system restore, but every goes wrong again the next time that I try to switch on (OK, sometines I can managed a couple of normal log ins). This is usually accompanied with a Windows update (according to the available restore points).
Any ideas as to what can be causing this please?

  birdface 23:04 25 Nov 2007

What happens if you do not install the up-date.

  Mike D 07:44 26 Nov 2007


Sorry for the delay. I have disabled the update, mind you this is the second time - peviously I found the update installing on shut down, even though it was supposedly disabled.

Since posting I have run Eusing Reg Cleaner and CCleaner and defragged the drive. So far so good.
I won't mark as resolved until I have had a little longer in a stable mode.


  Mike D 08:14 26 Nov 2007

Now I don't know whether this has any bearing on the matter, but in Documents and Settings there are the usual "Administrator", All Users", "Default User", my profile and suddenly a spurious one, which is "Administrator,my name.12345". This last profile doen't even show the limited files found in Administrator. I'm not sure if this is the problem, but for the moment I have move it to a new folder away from Documents and Settings to see what effect this has. Once again, logon is still looking good.


  xania 08:47 26 Nov 2007

I had a similar problem when I ran last mont's update. All my graphics settings went up the spout (although these somehow returned to normal after after about half a dozen reboots) but now I have to select my user each toime although there's only one user registered on my computer and if I try to turn this off, my desktop reverts to the basic one.

There is one thing that may help. Whilst your system is running normally, copy your desktop folder in your folder in Documents & Settings to the All Users folder - then, when the problem next arises, you'll still have your correct desktop.

  Mike D 10:15 26 Nov 2007

Thanks Xania, never thought of that one.


  Mike D 13:07 27 Nov 2007

Having deleted the spurious Administrator account all seems to be working well, touch wood.
Thanks for suggestions, marked as resolved.


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