Disappearing Site - Where's It Gone and Why?

  kinger 15:16 15 Dec 2006

I normally post questions on the help section but this one is specific to building a web site so here goes.

Quite simply, one of my websites always ranked at number one on Google, without fail. Other pages featured just below this position and have done for many years.

However, a few weeks ago it just disappeared from site. Nowhere on Google search does it appear.

It is on Yahoo, MSN and others but has totally gone from Google.

I am concerned that it will not show up on others if Google don't feature it.

In panic, I rebuilt it and checked meta-tags and general optimisation and it still features nicely on Yahoo etc. but still no appearance on Google.

Can anybody throw light on why, suddenly, I'm disliked in this way?

It's not a sales site, just useful information for those in a particular speciallist industry.

The keywords are 'Amusement Arcade' to pull up my site. Now, everything else shows up but not my site.

  kinger 23:12 15 Dec 2006

I thought I'd try Google site maps on this site too.

On building the page, I found this on Googles help file:

If Your Site Seems To Have Disappeared From Our Index

When a webmaster tells us that his or her site has fallen out of our search results, we often find that it's still included. To quickly determine whether your site is still in our index, just perform a Google site search for its entire URL. A search for [ site: click here ], for instance, returns the following results: click here

If your site is displayed as a result when you perform a Google site search for your URL, then it's included in our index.

While we're always working to include more content in Google, sites can occasionally fall out of our search results. Our spiders regularly crawl the web to rebuild our index, but keeping tabs on billions of pages is tough work, and we may miss a few. Due to the addition of new sites and updates to the content of existing pages, some pages may appear to no longer return for particular keywords. When this happens, it's generally the case that we haven't lost the page entirely, but simply that other pages now rank higher than it does for that particular keyword. Please be assured that these changes are automated, and that our crawlers don't intentionally discriminate against particular sites. Our aim is to represent the content of the internet as fairly and accurately as possible.

Occasionally, fluctuation in search results is the result of differences in our data centers. When you perform a Google search, your query is sent to a Google data center in order to retrieve search results. There are numerous data centers, and many factors (such as geographic location and search traffic) determine where a query is sent. Because not all of our data centers are updated simultaneously, it's possible to see slightly different search results depending on which data center handles your query.

We understand that these changes can be confusing. If your site is well-linked from others on the web, it's likely that we'll add it again during our next crawl. While we can't guarantee that any page will consistently appear in our index or appear with a particular rank, our Webmaster Guidelines offer helpful tips for maintaining a crawler-friendly site. Following these recommendations should increase the likelihood that your site will show up consistently in our search results.

  Gaz 25 17:52 30 Dec 2006

And quite simply it's when google reindexes your websites in my experience.

I now come under more direct phrases such as "Vista Ready Computers"

I was actually number 4 for a while, then dropped onto page two.

  seeky 21:58 02 Jan 2007


so *did* you find it after all?

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