wombat1 23:24 05 Jan 2004

My recycle bin icon did not work. Firstly the words recycle bin disappeared and now the icon has disappeared completely. Left clicking didnt do anything - Right clicking gave me a menu of Cut/Create Shortcut/Delete -- Anyone tell me how to get it back working. I am using Win98SE and new to computer scene so one syllable words and plain english please. It has been suggested to reinstall win98 from the disk - not sure how to do this but will give it ago. Any help appreciated. Thanks Guys and Girls...Wombat from Aussie...

  ©®@$? 23:32 05 Jan 2004

you could try system file checker

you will need the windows 98 cd to do this

goto start/run and type sfc

scan for altered/missing/corrupt files

if it comes up with any replace them from the windows 98 cd


click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:13 06 Jan 2004

Smetimes Tweak UI will restore the bin.......click here

Further info here....click here

Also...'Actually your problem probably is simply a matter of a wandering desktop. Since Windows code does not permit the recyclebin icon to either be deleted or moved into another folder, yours probably got moved until it is hanging by a single pixel off the edge of your monitor display and thus seems to have disappeared. A feature called Auto Arrange will restore your recycle bin on the desktop.

Right click on the desktop and click on the choice Arrange Icons in the box that comes up. Pick Auto Arrange in the next menu, and all of the icons on your desktop will snap to an invisible grid and line up on the left-hand side of the screen. You will find that the Recycle icon is among them.'

....and....'If the above doesn't work cathy and you want to edit the registry to restore your recycle bin then follow these instructons.
Click on Start/Run type regedit then click OK
Click on the + sign alongside the line HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE then scroll to
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Desktop\NameSpace (This is called a key)
Right-mouse click the NameSpace key, choose New and then Key, and name the new key exactly:


In the right pane, right-mouse click (Default), choose Modify, and in
the resulting dialog box, type Recycle Bin on the Value data line. Click
OK and close the Registry Editor. Right Click the desktop and choose refresh in the menu.

The Recycle Bin icon should be back.'

and finally, probaly the best....click here


  wombat1 23:02 06 Jan 2004

Sorry gandalf I tried your fix to the letter but the recycle bin is still not on the desktop...
Tried arrange icons also.. Maybe I should try TweakUI...I'll try anything!!!!

  ©®@$? 23:05 06 Jan 2004

tweakui is the best fix for this!

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