Disappearing programmes?

  Housten 15:28 26 Aug 2011

Good afternoon,

I have created I think a silly problem for myself. Several days ago it was suggested that WinASO was worth downloading and running to clear the registry and do a host of other things. Well I downloaded it, installed it and ran it a couple of times and I am very impressed with it. It does a marvellous job, and I am not going to get rid of it! BUT I think it has created my problem. When you click on start a box appears and on the left hand side appear the programmes that you regularly use – or so I thought! But since running WinASO this half of the box that appears on my computer is blank. I am assuming it was WinASO, but it may have been Ccleaner or something else. The point is I would like those programmes to re-appear and I don’t know a) how to make them re-appear or – and just as importantly – how to stop them being deleted in the future. If anyone has an idea/help/advice/information as to how I can correct this silly situation I would be very grateful.

[ Talking of sillies – and this has nothing to do with my query – has anyone else noticed that when you post a question and come back into the forum, no matter how fast, then your question has had ‘2 views’! I mean how is this possible, I have come back to a query with the forum saying 12 or 15 seconds ago, and yet there have been ‘2 views’. Either we must have some lightning quick posters or PCA is trying to cheer us up by inferring that other people are interested in your problem. I would like to know if anyone has any idea on this. Many thanks in advance. ]

  Woolwell 15:53 26 Aug 2011

You don't say which OS.

But try right clicking on start and then select properties. On Start menu tab choose customise and then you should see something like "number of recent programs to display". This has probably been set to zero. You can set it to how many you want.

  Housten 16:22 26 Aug 2011


Many thanks, I see I am still brain dead! I am using windows 7, Home Premium 64Bit and your advice worked! The only comment is that the 'Number of recent programmes to display' was 'greyed' out, but if you tick the 'Privacy' box BEFORE you click on 'customise' the zero I had turned to 10. Will now wait to see what builds up in the box.

Being a bit nosey now, but do you know if you can choose the programmes that appear or do you have to take what the computer gives you? As I say just being a bit nosey!!

Anyway many thanks again, for your advice and help - which I have no doubt I will be wanting again in the future!

  Woolwell 16:51 26 Aug 2011

I think that you have to take the ones that it gives you but you can pin a program that you regularly use to the start menu How to pin a program

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:05 26 Aug 2011

Its cleared as part of using CCleaner - just untick the option in CCleaner and the programs will stay here (not reappear your just going to have to rebuild the list by using the programs again)

  Housten 17:21 26 Aug 2011

Woolwell and Fruit Bat /\0/\


Many thanks for your help and assistance. I will just let the computer build up the list but watch what I am ticking in Ccleaner.

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