Disappearing mouse arrow.

  Meshuga 18:28 18 Apr 2005

My mouse arrow is acting strangely in that if I move it to the left or to the top or bottom of the screen until it touches the edge it will go no further and remain in sight. However, if I go to the right of the screen it will disappear behind the frame out of sight and it is a job to find it. By pressing control I can locate it except when its on the right. It ONLY does it on the desktop, NOT when any window is open. I`ve tried varying the screen resolution but that makes no difference. My os is xp home sp2 and the mouse is a Logitech Wireless. Changing batteries makes no difference. Can anyone offer a solution please.

  Meshuga 19:09 18 Apr 2005


  Curio 19:53 18 Apr 2005

Mine does the same thing including disappearing at the bottom of the screen also. It always comes back when I move the mouse, so I have never worried about it

  Curio 19:59 18 Apr 2005

Just double checked and using a corded Logitec mouse on my Laptop - W98SE - it does exactly the same. Again nothing to worry me.

  Meshuga 20:04 18 Apr 2005

Thanks Curio. It always comes back, its just that it sometimes takes time to make it appear. Its more nuisance really. Thanks for replying. I`ll let this run for a while. Someone might have an answer.

  timeteam2004 20:49 18 Apr 2005

If you are using an Nvidia GC it disappears off the screen because the card is set to dual display. Right click the desktop and choose properties. If you see the window with a number 1 & 2 in it you are set for dual display. Go into advanced to your card and change to single monitor. Took me a while to figure where my mouse pointer was off to. Kept looking for the cheese on the right of my monitor I think.

  Meshuga 22:28 18 Apr 2005

Thank you timeteam2004. Yes the window does show the numbers 1&2 with the 2 highlighted.Have clicked advanced but how do I change from 1 to 2?

  Meshuga 22:28 18 Apr 2005

Sorry, I meant 2 to 1.

  timeteam2004 23:50 18 Apr 2005

click here

I know this shows an ATI card, but the principle is the same. I just can't remember how I done it but I did not use a guide at the time. It looks familiar !!

  Meshuga 06:46 19 Apr 2005

timeteam 2004,have done as you suggested and all seems to be ok now. Thanks for your help. Thanks also to Curio.

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