Disappearing Hard Drive

  galacticz00 18:13 05 Mar 2009

Help: I installed a second hard drive in my PC a week ago and have transferred My Documents to the new drive. Last night the PC froze and when I rebooted the new drive had disappeared and is not listed under My Computer. I’ve looked in device manager and the drive is listed as working properly, I’ve looked in hard drive management and again it is not listed. I’ve tried system restore with no luck. There is a message that comes up on system restore to the effect that drive G (the new HD) will not be changed after the restore date as the drive has been removed or switched off! It hasn’t been removed so can anyone tell me how to switch it back on again?

  Bris 19:55 07 Mar 2009


First thing to do is check that the power and data cables are plugged into the drive then go into the BIOS on boot up and see if it appears, if not then its likely that the HDD has died.

Try searching the forum as this is a common problem and there are lots of threads that meay help.

  woodchip 22:30 07 Mar 2009

Boot sector as as changed on probably the main drive that will keep info on the one thats gone missing. Free TestDisc scroll down to the file click here

  scubaseven 23:50 07 Mar 2009

possibly a connection/power problem
remove and replace
if its still not reading, probably dead

  galacticz00 08:08 08 Mar 2009

Hi guys. Thanks for your responses. The hard drive showed up again the very next day and the pc ran chkdsk. I have since checked all the connections, BIOS and cannot find any problems. The drive has been stable since Thursday night with no further problems.

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