disappearing gigs

  eysha 18:32 03 Sep 2008

I check my laptop weekly and do all the maintanance etc because it is running very slow. last week i noticed i only had 8 gigs of free space left and this week it is down to 4 gigs. i do not download files or programmes or music etc and i have anti-spywear, AVG8, spybot, Adaware and Armour net2 so how is this happening? i really don't want to wipe the hard drive so any ideas - well i am sure someone will have. My last post was about a reg cleaner and i still haven't got one yet so could that be the problem?
Thanks in advance

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:39 03 Sep 2008

Crap Cleaner click here
will get rid of all temp files and is safe to use.

System restore points will also take up lots of space
click here

  eysha 20:50 03 Sep 2008

Thank you Fruit Bat, i cleaned the restore points and gained back 7 gigs - wow. never knew about that so thank you for that very useful info.
now to cccleaner - i have dloaded it and looked at it but am unsure as to what i can delete safely as i am not familiar with the things listed there and don't want to delete something important. is there anything on the list i should unclick for safety?
again my thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:04 03 Sep 2008

CCleaner (short for "Crap Cleaner") click here knows exactly where to find the files that slow down your computer. Get a quick understanding of CCleaner's features, and learn how to properly maintain your system to keep your computer quick and nimble.

Step 1: Focus your efforts

For a deep cleaning of your PC, you'll want to get into the nooks and crannies of your system. Using the Cleaner window (the default window when you launch CCleaner), you'll notice several checked boxes that indicate which areas of your computer will be cleaned. Most of the boxes are checked by default, so pay close attention if you only want to scrub certain areas. Tabs at the top offer the ability to clean Windows areas and other applications. Switching between the two tabs allows you to make your choices for a customized cleaning.

When you're done with your settings, click the Analyze button on the lower left to see which items will be cleaned. You'll see every file CCleaner will delete and also exactly how much memory will be returned to your system after the cleaning.

Note: It pays to peruse this list before hitting the Run Cleaner button to make sure you're not deleting something important. When you're ready, hit Run Cleaner and watch CCleaner go to work.

Step 2: Out with the old

The next step in our spring-cleaning protocol is akin to sorting through and cleaning out those old boxes in the garage. Click the Issues button on the left side of the interface to bring up another set of checked boxes. This set of tasks does everything from eliminating unused file extensions to trashing obsolete software. Uncheck the boxes you don't want to scan and click the Scan for Issues button. At the end of the scan you'll be given the option to click the Fix Selected Issues button.

Note: It is highly recommend you save your current Registry configuration at the prompt in case of a malfunction later. An additional window will ask if you wish to delete specific items. If you know of a specific item in the list that is not a problem, simply tell CCleaner not to fix it. Remember, if you save your configuration beforehand a mistake here is easily reversible.

Step 3: Uninstall and Startup manager

Windows comes with its own Add or Remove Programs utility, but it's often slow to load and not the easiest Control Panel item to configure. CCleaner quickly lists all of your active programs, and lets you highlight and uninstall software you no longer want. This part of the program utilizes tools already included in Windows, but the convenience and speed for quick uninstallations is tough to beat.

To manage your start-up programs, click the Startup button under the Uninstall button in the upper left of the interface. You'll see a list of active start-up items that launch when you boot up your system. Be very careful here: some items are not immediately identifiable and you wouldn't want to shut down your firewall, antivirus program, or any other important program.

Once you've run through the entire cleaning process, don't be surprised if your computer runs a bit faster. Depending on the capacity of your hard drive, you'll also free up a shocking amount of space if you haven't run a program like CCleaner recently.

  eysha 14:48 04 Sep 2008

Thanks again Fruit Bat. I downloaded cccleaner and started it to follow your instructions but some parts you mention aren't there, for eg, there is no analyse button and no where does it tell me what files will be deleted or how much room i will save.
I don't know what COM/Active X, font entries, shared DLL entry, Application path entry, help file info,etc are except the empty registry item is, which tells me i have 355 errors there. On the left i have only scan, settings, backup, manage startup and results but nothing to tell me what files i am about to delete or space saved so to date i haven't deleted anything, just in case.
I have 26 items listed in the manage start-up section too and have no idea what to enable or disable. one is HKEY, two are common and the rest are HKLM/Run. I am lost.
i look forward to your response and thanks again. I appreciate yoru time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:54 04 Sep 2008

A video on how to use click here

  eysha 14:59 04 Sep 2008

thanks Fruit Bat, you sure know your computer stuff. My gratful thanks E.

  eysha 17:38 04 Sep 2008

Fruit Bat, are there different versions of this programme? mine does not have the items you stated.
click here
this site shows the one you talk about but not mine. Mine is named RegCure and the symbols have three red blocks with the left side panel as i said earlier.
I am checking so i know i have the right thing but i prefer yours. is yours maybe an older version?
Thanks again

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:07 04 Sep 2008

"Mine is named RegCure" I don't think you are using the right program

I am running the latest release of Piriform CCleaner 2.11.636 downloaded from the same site Filehippo click here

It should open on the cleaner window (left hand column top item)

First pane gives the boxes to tick (tick all boxes except "Autocomplete form history" and windows size/location cache)
second pane gives a blank pane with Analyze and Run Cleaner buttons at bottom.

Analyze will scan an show you what will be deleted if you press the Run Cleaner Button, personally I always just Run Cleaner and let it delete everything (never had a problem yet).

Tick all the boxes, click on the button scan for issues.
When scan is complete click fix all issues accept the offer to backup the registry if you wish (I never do)
Click confirm when it asks to fix.

List programs installed this will use the windows uninstaller to remove programs you want to get rid of.
List things that are in the registry to start when windows boots, 26 items seems to be alot.
Don't worry about the KEY (HKEY / run are where they are in the registry) just list what you have under programs and we can tell you if they are needed on startup or not.

  eysha 16:48 05 Sep 2008

Fruit Bat, i am still not sure i have the same programme as you as it doesn't display the same things you mention so i am not sure about using it. is there any way to confirm i have the right programme please?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:07 05 Sep 2008

Post a picture of your program.

Open the program and then press Alt+ Prt Scr
This will put a copy of your screen onto the pasteboard.

Open Paint or another image program and then paste the picture in save it as a jpg to your desktop.

Post on image shack
IMAGESHACK-click here=
1.Register first
2.Log in to your account.
3.Browse and Upload a picture you want to upload from your computer's folder.
4. After your picture is uploaded, click on the picture, it will take you to another page.
5.You will get 5 links below the picture.
*Alternative forum.
*Instant Messenger
6.Copy the "Direct" link and paste it with the question on the forum.

Ccleaner should open like this click here

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