Disappearing files

  archaeopteryx 09:30 08 Feb 2011


I've scoured the internet and been unable to find an answer which specifically addresses the problem I seem to have developed over the last couple of weeks.

If I'm in an application and in the 'save as' dialogue box, when I have created a new folder and then saved my file I either cannot find the folder or, if I do, there are no contents in said folder. If I do try to save again however, I will be asked if I want to overwrite contents even though the folder appears to me to be empty. Very odd. As far as memory serves, I believe this only happens whilst in an application's 'save as' dialogue box (the last time this happened I was using Photoshop). I've done a thorough search for malware using 4 different applications but have found nothing.

I would be really grateful if someone could help me with this - I haven't lost any information yet, but should this continue I feel that's highly likely to change.

Many thanks in advance.

  Nontek 09:52 08 Feb 2011

When in the Save-as window, make sure that you choose a destination for the new folder, in the 'Save in' box near top of that window. I would suggest that you choose to save-in your Desktop, then very easy to find, and if you wish, to move wherever.

  archaeopteryx 09:59 08 Feb 2011

Hi Nontek

Thanks - that's not the issue though. Both folder and files are created - they're just not being 'seen'. I've been using computers for over 2 decades and this has never happened to me before

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:51 08 Feb 2011

What operating system?

Untick hide known file types

  archaeopteryx 23:09 08 Feb 2011

It's Windows 7

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