disappearing emails!

  jonnyg111 11:34 09 Sep 2009

I just had a crash on my computer, and when I rebooted, I'd lost all emails in my inbox. The Sent box is fine, full and visible, I can send an email to myself, and I still have all my addresses, but how do I get back these missing incoming emails? (This is Outlook Express),

Help much appreciated,

Jonny Griffiths

  lotvic 12:46 09 Sep 2009

In OE > View > Current View and make sure there is a dot next to 'Show all messages'
It may have reset itself to one of the other views.

  jonnyg111 16:20 09 Sep 2009

Thanks for your reply, lotvic; there IS a dot next to 'Show all messages' where you suggest there should be one. Any other ideas?


  lotvic 18:13 09 Sep 2009

Try the suggestions click here
and on google search click here

  jonnyg111 20:26 09 Sep 2009

Great advice, lotvic, thank you, and major progress here; I have all my recent emails back again. I also have my 'mail backup' folder, which contains all the right .dbx files - its just that when I import, the folders don't reappear within my Inbox as I expect them to, eg I have a folder labelled 'Tom Ward' where I keep all of Tom's emails to me - it's in the 'mail backup' folder as a dbx file but it doesn't import. I think I've followed all the steps,


  lotvic 21:49 09 Sep 2009

****when I import, the folders don't reappear within my Inbox***
Whoa there now..

It's best not to create subfolders in
Sent Items
Deleted Items

these are default system folders of OE and are liable to corrupt if you add subfolders and keep many emails in them.
Also when OE does it's compacting it will mess it up. (OE compacts - tidies up its folders - every 100 times OE is started up. It is supposed to do this so just let it when it asks to compact folders)

Tom Ward should be a subfolder of Local Folders - like this

Outlook Express
- Local Folders
Sent Items
Deleted Items
Tom Ward

Now also you're able to keep all of Tom Wards email, both received from him and the ones you have sent him, in one folder and they will be in date order as well (so easier to read through)

  jonnyg111 18:30 10 Sep 2009

Okay, Lotvic, I have seen the error of my ways, and what you say about creating folders in 'Local Folders' rather than 'Inbox' makes a lot of sense. But I am still not sure where to go from here. I still have my 'backup folder' with the .dbx files I need clearly there; how do I import them? Can I import them directly into 'Local Folders' somehow?


  lotvic 00:06 11 Sep 2009

(Sorry about my 2nd click here that didn't work)
halfway down this page click here

Open Outlook Express and:

How to restore Outlook Express items

Step 1: Import messages from the backup folder

1. On the File menu, point to Import, and then click Messages.
2. In the Select an e-mail program to import from box, click Microsoft Outlook Express 5 or Microsoft Outlook Express 6, and then click Next.
3. Click Import mail from an OE5 store directory or Import mail from an OE6 store directory, and then click OK.
4. Click Browse, and then click the Mail Backup folder.
5. Click OK, and then click Next.
6. Click All folders, click Next, and then click Finish.

  jonnyg111 23:51 11 Sep 2009

Thanks for your help, lotvic, which is much appreciated, but I still have a problem. Doing as you suggest imports some folders from my backup file (the old ones) but not some others (the newer ones). For example, annie blyth.dbx is sitting in my backup folder (I created this folder recently) and after importing, it is nowhere to be seen in my list of folders in OE. Why should this be?


  peter99co 12:30 16 Sep 2009

Can you edit mail in the backup folder or simply Forward the mail to yourself again?

  jonnyg111 16:32 16 Sep 2009

Hi Peter - I have no idea how to open mail in the backup folder. They are .dbx files and I guess I need OE to open them, but that's not in the list my computer offers when I try to open them.


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