Disappearing disk space found? What to do now?

  canute44 20:17 02 Jun 2005

My free hard disk space has been slowly disappearing for some months which has been somewhat disconcerting to say the least. In spite of nosing around I have been unable to locate any responsible program. This evening I have downloaded a small program called Spacemonger and running it has been an eye-opener. It has revealed temporary files taking up 15Gb of my disk. They are listed as being in C:_RESTORE.
What do I do now? Do I delete the lot or only those older than say seven days? The file names are all alpha-numerica with the suffix .cpy.
Any ideas/advice?

  Jackcoms 20:20 02 Jun 2005

Download and run click here
which will safely clean away all the crap on your system and restore that 'lost' disk space.

You might also try a defrag as well.

  canute44 20:25 02 Jun 2005

Thanks for the reply. I defragged only a few days ago. I am always a little reticent about using utilities like CCleaner as they "clean" the registry. Is CCleaner safe for an idiot like me to use??

  Jackcoms 20:30 02 Jun 2005

It's perfectly safe for any idiot to use.

It is regularly recommended in this Forum.

If you do choose to clean the Registry (the 'Issues' tab in CCleaner) you are given the option to back up the Registry first.

I've used CCleaner on a weekly basis for more that 12 months now. I've NEVER backed up the registry and never had any problems. I do have a problem free PC, though!

  canute44 20:36 02 Jun 2005

Thanks. I'll give it a go with everything crossed for luck! Cheers.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:36 02 Jun 2005

CCleaner is very safe to use "run cleaner" to clear temp files and internet cache. Scan for issues to clean the registry delete anything it finds there will be no problems you could select backup aswll to be doubly sure I never do and have never had a problem.

However this will not clear your restore files they are there if something major fails to restore your computer to an older date.

They take up alot of space so you could just switch off this "insurance" by switching off system restore.

Personally I would just delete all the restore points except for the most recent one.

  canute44 21:05 02 Jun 2005

Many thanks for your thoughts. I have just run CCleaner but only on the registry - do the dangerous one first and if everything stops think again. Well I am back on air so no great harm done so far. I like your thought about the restore files. Recently when I tried to do a system restore there were no points available so I created one. I will now check on the situation and do as you suggest. CCleaner did not come up with any huge space available - 250Mb as opposed to 15Gb with Spacemonger but then that was only the restores.

  canute44 21:15 02 Jun 2005

I have just checked on my restore points and have found there are none except for the one I created last month. I presume from this that all previous restore points have been "lost" but the data is taking up space on my PC. This raises the question as to where all my disk space is going as I have lost several Gb in the last week or two. I have run anti spyware programs and anti ad programs and continually use anti virus. Under C:_RESTORE there are files which are dated only a few days ago, so how are they getting there?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:23 02 Jun 2005

What operating system are you using? I suspect ME?

You can limit he amount of space used by system restore.

  DieSse 21:27 02 Jun 2005

Switch off the restore facility. Reboot and run Diskclean, Defrag. Reboot, switch the Restore facility back on, and make a restore point. You will then have a single, tidy, restore point.

When you reset up restore, you can specify the maximum amount of space it will take on the disk - usually it will be set to the maximum, which is 12%.

  canute44 21:35 02 Jun 2005

Windows Me - quite right, I should have said at the start, apologies. Am having a brain down day - can you point me at the System Restore on/off and where I specify the space available. Have just been looking for the on/off but couldn't find it - must be my age. Thanks.

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