Disappearing disc space?

  IanS1 09:51 04 Apr 2007

Disappearing Disk-space

I’m having real problems with disk space rapidly disappearing to such low level that almost no program or task can run. Hope someone has an idea of what I can do?

I tried deleting all my old text files from things like Microsoft Word & cleared out all old stuff from my email, but that only added a few extra KB of space.

So then I started deleting rarely used programs. That took the available space from just around 300KB to 8MB, but within a few minutes of simply surfing the net & checking my email, that available space was right down to 1.0MB again, ie without me intentionally downloading or installing anything at all...ie the disk space seems to be automatically disappearing regardless of what I do.

So then as a more extreme measure I started removing all my anti-virus and spyware protection, ie because they’re the only large programs I have on the PC (apart from MS-Office, which I need of course) – I removed AVG free edition and a couple of other things, and that increased the available space to a relatively whopping 119MB, hurray! But then I noticed Spycatcher had immediately started to make an automatic update, so I then checked the disk space again and in those few seconds it had dropped to 70MB!

I then tried to delete/remove Spycatcher, but using “Uninstall” gives a warning saying something like “Removing Spycatcher will release viruses which have been quarantined, are you sure you want to release the viruses which may harm your computer?” ... ie a sort of threat that if I attempt remove Spycatcher then my PC will be instantly infected with all sorts of appalling stuff.

Instead of deleting spycatcher I changed the task-scheduler to set it to stop automatic scans (at least that’s what I’ve tried to do), but in the 2 or 3 mins it took me to do that, the available disk space is now back right down to just about 2MB...???

I’ve no idea what’s going on or why the disk-space seems to automatically disappear like this, ie without me apparently doing anything to use any space. It gets right down to around just 100KB, at which point I can’t even print a simple page of text from MS-Word, and of course it’s hopelessly slow trying to use email or trying to look at anything on the net, eg just typing a simple search term into Google may take 30sec. to respond!

Any idea what’s going on? I could sure use some expert help or ideas on this?

The PC is an old Dell Latitude Laptop running Windows-2000 (I think the hard disk is10GB).

Thanks for any help you can give.


  Fingees 10:16 04 Apr 2007

There are various reasons why disk space dissapears.

What size disk is it? I can,t remember how to check in W 2000

Is it adequate size to start with?

If you give some info about the disk itself, somebody may be able to explain.

  [email protected] 10:28 04 Apr 2007

10G is no hard space at all of course all programs with anti virus or spyware demand extra memory space equally microsoft needs space for backup or system restore. Logically you need a minimum HDD of 40G or better
I partitioned 120g into 4 spaces and with all my normal progs including office I have used up 20G mostly updates etc of the security progs on C: drive D E F are 99% free
Adding a HDD will solve your problem but only if you make the bigger HDD your main drive 10G is useful for the operating system only
I hope this gives you an idea of which way to go and to remember when you update your PC to go for the biggest HDD you can afford

  Jak_1 12:38 04 Apr 2007

10 Gig, I'm not surprised you keep running out of space. Hard drives are now cheap it would be worth your while getting an 80 Gig drive as minimum.
click here(16098)80GB-Maxtor-DiamondMax-Plus20-Hard-Disk-Drive.aspx

Set the jumper on the new drive to slave and format the drive. Just have your OS on the original drive and your programs etc on the slave.

  IanS1 13:40 04 Apr 2007

Hi Guys, thanks for the reply’s. Appreciate it.

Re. the size of the disk – as I said, I only "think" the size is 10Gig., really I’ve no info. on what size disk originally came with the Dell Latitude laptop 5 years ago (it’s 5 years old…but of course it has lots of personal stuff on it, eg holiday photos & business letters etc., so I’d rather not junk it unless absolutely necessary). It may be that the disk is bigger than 10gig, and maybe it’s partitioned with 10gig on C…but I don’t know how to check that?

Yes I’m well aware that modern Laptops come with at least 60GB, and often vastly more, But ... something appears to gobbling up my disk-space even when I don’t do anything! Even if I just switch the laptop on & off without doing anything else at all, still the indicated disk-space can decrease quite dramatically. So quite apart from any considerations about whether 10GB is enough, something is eating disk space ... question is, what’s eating it??

If I had to make an uneducated guess – I suspect things like AVG and Spycatcher etc. (of which I have several types), are building up archive files of junk somewhere? Or maybe other types of programs building up unnecessary junk or temporary files somewhere ... but I don’t know where to look to clear out any non-essential stuff like that?

Yep I appreciate a much bigger disk would be far better, but until recently I’ve had no such problems of ever running out of disk space, so it seems the disk is normally big enough for the simple things I do ... except as I say, something has recently started using a lot of space ...so what is it that’s started to use all the space?

Would it help to run anything like a disk defrag. Program (about which I know zero)? Or should I “compress” some files (again I know zilch about any of that). Did I see advice on other threads about reducing the pre-set values for System Recovery files? Anything like that?

Thanks again. Ian.

  Jak_1 22:16 04 Apr 2007

You would be surprised at how much space the temp internet file uses! With the os taking up most of your space then your programs then that leaves little space for much else and normal usage plus surfing will eat space. Suggest clearing temp internet files as a good start.

  woodchip 22:30 04 Apr 2007

First thing to check is VIRUS, as that is a tell tell sign

  baldtaco 02:45 05 Apr 2007

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