Disappearing control panel??

  otubby1 16:41 10 May 2003

I just had a strange event. I read a thread which sounded similar to a problem I have incurred since upgrading and advised going into control panel to adjust some power settings. I thought, I'll just have a look at this and hit the icon in my task bar. Nothing!
I went through start/settings... nothing?
I rebooted and everything was as it should be.
Any ideas because, although I am not an expert on these things, I have had a computer for many years and this has never happened before.

  otubby1 17:34 10 May 2003


  crx1600 17:49 10 May 2003

if the problem isnt continuing, then you having nothing to fix.

put it down to a windows quirk,unless it happens again.

  crx1600 17:59 10 May 2003

also,when posting a question some background is helpful,which version of windows,how much RAM,any suspicious(newly installed) software.

you may be asked for more info depending on the problem.

  otubby1 18:31 10 May 2003

As it was a one off you are probably right, things like that just make me a bit jittery. And my apologies about the lack of details, I should have known better by now.

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