disappearing cdrom

  birkdalite 17:17 02 Mar 2003

My D drive (cd rom) has gone awol, it is showing all signs of being active. but is not recognised by ther BIOS no matter what.It also seems to be having an adverse effect on other things like freezing, blue screens and total shutdown. I have reformatted twice to no avail. I have physically disconnected the drive and this seems to help a little. I occasionally get black screen with message that atapi cdrom found on something like 700h and error fff but no means of cure reformat doesn't seem to offer a cure, can someone please help?? (win XP)

  howard60 17:53 02 Mar 2003

cables have not worked loose - this happens from time to time - both ends of each take the connector out and replace also make sure the jumper has not worked loose as well - take it off and put it back on again.

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