Disappeared Compact Flash Reader!

  tigerb 08:43 25 Feb 2005

I have just bought a new Compact Flash memory card “Viking 256mb” it works fine in my camera, but when I put it into my PC card reader (Medion connect XL) which had worked OK with SanDisk 32mb card it made the CF, SM, Mem Stick and SD icons disappear from the My Computer screen!
I have tried to reload the drivers and changed the system to a previous recovery point but they are still not there.
Has any one any ideas what is wrong,
Many thanks

  Diodorus Siculus 08:46 25 Feb 2005

How old is the reader? Some older ones will not recognise 256mb cards.

  tigerb 08:50 25 Feb 2005

The Pc is just over a year old, but I did take out an extended guarantee (Pc world) if it is an hard ware fault.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:55 25 Feb 2005

To be honest, buying a new card reader might well be a better option than the hassle of bringing the machine back to the shop... However, it is obviously your prerogative.

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