Disabling Onboard Graphics

  Josheo 08:48 03 Aug 2006

Hi i'm having problems installing my new ATI Radeon 9600XT Card onto my brand new computer I only got yesterday. Everything works except I just cannot find a way to disable the onboard Graphics. It says the Onboard graphics is a VIA/S3G UniChrome Pro IGP. On my BIOS settings the only thing I could find to do with the Graphics was to choose between PCI and AGP as the primary adapter.

I tried disabling and uninstalling the Onboard graphics through the Device Manager and then shutting down and inserting the new card etc. But when I boot up it still doesn't even detect the card, the Hardware wizard doesn't detect any new Hardware either. I know my graphics card works fine because i tested it out on 2 other computers. Judging from what i can see on the Manual the Motherboard is a PCChips P4 Motherboard with an LGA775 Socket which uses an Intel Pentium 4 Processor if thats of any help.

I really need help with disabling those graphics because i want to start gaming =(. Any help will be appreciated! Thanks ^^

  Josheo 08:50 03 Aug 2006

Oh yea, I also tried plugging my Monitor into my Graphics card but when i boot up the Monitor just stays blank as if not turned on but when i connect it to the other slot which must be the Onboard Graphics it works fine.

This is just more proof that its not detecting my Graphics card.

  Josheo 09:40 03 Aug 2006


  slimbo51 09:50 03 Aug 2006

Can be one of the probs with buying comp or motherboard with on board graphics.

If the bios does not support on board disable of graphics, as some cut down bios's don't, not sure how to get round the prob.

What M/Board is it....?

  dth 09:55 03 Aug 2006

You can usually diable the onboard graphics in the bios. Have a good look at the different options in the bios.

If not there is usually a pin option on the motherboard. If you haven't got the motherboard manual to hand - have a look to see if you can find a pdf copy on the internet.

  Josheo 10:08 03 Aug 2006

The motherboard i've got is a PCChips P21G.

Whats the PIN option you mentioned? Does it involve the BIOS? I did download a PDF copy of the manual but it didn't mention about how to turn off the Onboard Graphics. The only thing i can think of is when i installed Windows i had put the ATI card before i installed it so both the ATI Card and the Onboard graphics were in at the same time Windows installed and Windows XP installs your Hardware for you so maybe it got confused between The ATI card and Onboard graphics? hmmmm

  Josheo 10:30 03 Aug 2006


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:45 03 Aug 2006

Select AGP in the BIOS to disable the onboard and switch to the AGP slot where your Ati board is plugged into

  Josheo 10:49 03 Aug 2006

I did switch to the AGP in BIOS settings. What do u mean switch to the AGP slot?

I switched to AGP and tried plugging the monitor into the part where the ATI card is but it didn't work.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:00 03 Aug 2006

I switched to AGP and tried plugging the monitor into the part where the ATI card is but it didn't work.

This is all you need to do to disable onboard graphics.

Try removing and refitting the board, the gold contacts must be fully down in the slot.

Is you ATI board powered? does it need a connection from the PSU?

  gudgulf 11:02 03 Aug 2006

Om a lot of motherboards you don't need to disable the onboard graphics....leave the BIOS setting ar PCI and see if the monitor will run from the graphics card.

You can then disable the onboard graphics in Device Manager.....Select the onboard graphics adapter and click Properties.At the bottom of the box that opens find the Device Usage section....click on the dropdown menu and change it from "use this device" to "do not use this device (disable)" to deactivate the onboard graphics.

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