Leepaci 14:40 05 Jun 2008

I am trying to disable msconfig.exe on a users workstation but every time I do, it reappears within a few seconds. The same thing happens if I rename the file.
Is there any other way of denying access to this application?

Thanks in advance....

  crosstrainer 15:21 05 Jun 2008

Limit your user's access to the programme by creating a limited user account. Removing Msconfig is NOT a good idea.

  rossgolf 16:13 05 Jun 2008

if its connected to a server u could do it under policy's i think

  crosstrainer 16:18 05 Jun 2008

Yep, that's the way I'd go...If it's stand alone, it's just a case of creating a user account for the individual (who I assume is a fiddler!) with limited privledges.

Removing msconfig=disaster.

  Leepaci 17:18 05 Jun 2008

Correct, crosstrainer, we have a fiddler among us!

It is a networked PC so I'll see if it's possible to do this under Group Policy and let you know how i get on!

  rossgolf 17:23 05 Jun 2008

well tbh if he/she is a fiddler then i dont think a limited account will stop him/her.
it didnt stop me at school

  BBW 21:02 05 Jun 2008

Why deny access. msconfig can be edited in a number of ways, including loading basic files only.

  Leepaci 21:19 05 Jun 2008

Not sure what you mean BBW. We have pointsec software installed but msconfig has recently ben used to prevent this being loaded after a reboot.
This is why I would like to prevent access for the use to msconfig.exe

  MAT ALAN 21:27 05 Jun 2008

You can disable it with registry edit:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curre ntVersion\Policies\Explorer\DisallowRun

create String value with any name, like 1 and set its value to the msconfig.exe

  Leepaci 21:37 05 Jun 2008

Will that only work on an XP machine MAT ALAN? Just tried on a Vista laptop and it didn't work.

  MAT ALAN 21:38 05 Jun 2008

you can rename it from here..

found it in C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\helpctr\binaries.

Right-click the file, choose "Rename" from the menu that pops up( only you will know this way) and its far safer than a regedit...

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