disabled from pcadvisor site

  surfmonkeyreal 17:10 21 Feb 2006

three days ago my brother contacted me and asked me to see why he cannot access the pcadvisor site he is getting the message (You are currently disabled from accessing the site.
If you think that this is in error please contact the webmaster )which he has done but he has not had a reply yet anyone got any ideas. oh he is surfmonkey #:@} i think thats it.can he contact anyone esle apart from the webmaster to see why.

  SG Atlantis® 17:17 21 Feb 2006

Forum Editor?

The link is above your post.

  surfmonkeyreal 17:20 21 Feb 2006

thanks new to this site didnt see it sorry thanks SG Atlantis®

  jack 17:29 21 Feb 2006

There things that happen that i feel are not at the PCA site door in particular- but must be something else in the 'air' screwing things up.

Yesterday [Mon20th] for example . I had already done a couple of 'Look ins' then got on with other stuff,
Later went to the taskbar - up popped the window telling to 'Log In' but I was I thought -OK log in
and promptly got blocked with incorrect user/password message. after several attempts I went away- to other tasks - a couple of hours later clicked to maximise and there I was 'In'
There must be other unknown factors at work in the machine or in the 'air' for this to happen.

  doc999 17:31 21 Feb 2006

do you get this message if you have been bad and written something that is not allowed?

  jack 19:48 21 Feb 2006

You must be newish too. If you read my posts and /or responses you will perceive I may a little addled or misspelled or full of typo's but BAD --- Never

  stalion 20:03 21 Feb 2006

if you were not allowed to access the forum I would think that you would have received notification from the Forum Editor.Do as suggested above if you have a problem contact the F.E.

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