Disable write-behind caching for all drives

  giggsy 16:47 29 Dec 2003

Afternoon! I'm using Win98SE. When setting up the performance of my pc by right clicking 'My Computer' and selecting 'Properties' to that of a server as opposed to a desktop pc (I'm told to improve performance slightly) I noticed the above check box 'Disable write-behind caching for all drives' was ticked (Troubleshooting tab). I know that it never used to be, and as I had to restart my machine after removing the tick, cannot understand how it got ticked in the first place.
Is it possible it could have been set without my knowledge?

  spikeychris 17:08 29 Dec 2003

Have you used any tweaking tools or run any enhancing software? W B C is set to be on
By default in Win98 it
writes data back to the fixed disks while proceeding to the next operation, for
increased performance.

  giggsy 17:21 29 Dec 2003

The only thing I have done recently is changed my vcache settings in system.ini
I wasn't sure whether the box should be ticked or not at first, so right-clicked the tock box and was told the box should only have a tick in it if I was troubleshooting, as ticking the box would degrade my windows performance.
Just seems odd!

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