Disable Windows updates. Discuss. Install Vista ?

  mooly 12:08 16 Jun 2009

Been toying with the idea of clean installing Vista and finally gave it a go, having first imaged my original set up.
First thing noticed, how small the install is, around 10gb.
Get on the update merrygoround, 6 hours later and all fully patched up to SP2 and so on. Install size now around 19gb. WHAT !!!! How nice to be told SP1 replaces all that has gone before. Presumably same for SP2. Not run the sevice pack cleanups yet. Disc clean up has been run.
The real BIGGY TEST was is it any quicker, booting and so on. Remember this is a clean install, no programs added, just Vista.
The answer so far, it's PATHETIC, around 3 mins to fully load, that's actually worse than the 2 year old well used and abused installation and all it's programs etc.
So SP2 seems a definite performance reducer to me. My old installation was fully functional in 1 min 20 secs on average before SP2, sidebar as well.
If you run a good security package/s of your own choosing, how important are all these updates security wise ??? I know of at least one person who refuses to install any Windows updates "because they break things".
Opinions on all this welcome.

  Clapton is God 12:23 16 Jun 2009

"who refuses to install any Windows updates "because they break things"".


The words talking, out of and backside spring to mind

  mooly 12:29 16 Jun 2009

"The words talking, out of and backside spring to mind"

Maybe, but it's someones viewpoint.
Would a good security package not pick up these "threats" ?

It's a scary question.

  Clapton is God 12:48 16 Jun 2009

MS/Windows updates are there to provide improved security and enhancements to their software (operating systems, Office, etc, etc).

They are absolutely nothing to do with the 'threats' posed by viruses and malware for which you should have separate protection.

  mooly 19:05 16 Jun 2009

O.K. Sorry if this sounds really dumb.
So if you were running "office" unpatched as an example, but had full security packages running, what form of security attack could take place ? Not talking about "improvements" to the software that updates may bring, just security.
And just if anyone wonders, YES, my system is 100% up to date.
It's when you see that the "updates" have taken nearly as much space as the OS that you perhaps ask questions :)

  Clapton is God 19:37 16 Jun 2009

"what form of security attack could take place ?"

And how long is a piece of string?

Go to to the Windows Update site, look at your Update History and read the 'blurb' for the various updates to see what MS gave as the reason for releasing each update/patch.

  mooly 19:55 16 Jun 2009

Erm... I'm just interested that's all.
Picked update from a few days ago, update to Works 8, the update is to prevent "a file from containing malicious code" from being executed.
So if that "malicious" code were on a file downloaded from the web or a file on say a USB stick, wouldn't security package/s pick that up.

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