Disable Windows File Protection (WFP) W2K?

  busybaz 17:50 30 Oct 2004

Trying to install Scanwise software for Agfa Snapscan 1212u on my backup PC [hard drive of main PC "in the shop", see my previous posting!]
running Windows 2000 + service pack 4.

Think the only way to get relev Scanwise files installed is to disable WFP. Google search indicates that because of service pack 4, hex editing of .dll files & registry tweak is required in order to do this [see click here].

Anyone know of a tweaker/utility that performs this function to avoid my having to blunder through this procedure?

  smokingbeagle 18:38 30 Oct 2004

click here
Evaluation version is not time limited but functionallity is reduced.
Download and install. Click "Use evaluation version".
You can disable file protection by going to
Windows / System / Windows File Checker.

  busybaz 14:30 01 Nov 2004

Thanks for the link smokingbeagle, but when WFP disabled in Tweak Manager, pop up message stated SFC.dll still had to be edited. Have opened the file in two hex editors but cannot find any "offset 00006211 (6211h)" to edit!!!!!

I keep trying to change the driver for the scanner to agfascan.inf but after going through the process it still shows usbscan.sys as the driver (hence my wanting to disable WFP).

Have installed PaperPort Pro & that cannot see the scanner either. I think the only reason scanner installed on my last system (also running W2K)was that I managed it before installing SP4, but I cannot check that because the hard drive is in the shop!

Any ideas? Does it have to be Agfa Scanwise with the Agfa scanner or will some other (more upto date)software do the trick?

  smokingbeagle 15:24 01 Nov 2004

1. You could try installing your new driver in Safe mode.
2. If you feel adventurous, you could delete (in Safe mode)usbscan.sys and then try installing your driver. You should be able to restore usbscan.sys from the Recycle Bin later. It is found in winnt/ServicePackFiles/i386.
3.Along with 2 above, you should also delete the relevant .pnf and .inf files found in the hidden folder winnt/inf
This has worked for me in the past but I am reluctant to advice you to try 2 or 3 above. Consider all the possibilities and proceed(?) with caution.

  busybaz 14:47 03 Nov 2004

Gave up hope on the poxy scanner & decided to download updates for motherboard drivers AND for W2K to bring my backup PC upto date.

After updating, uninstalled the scanner in Device Manager & inadvertently started Scanwise instead of uninstall. Bu**er me if Scanwise didn't just ask "connect or turn on your scanner" and the bl**dy thing now works perfectly!!!!!

Don't you just love computers?

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