Disable "USB Drive" boot in BIOS

  JJW 15:53 14 Mar 2004

Fitted a new USB Fuji card reader to replace origonal reader which was plugged in all the time with no problems. New one stops computer starting. Fuji instuctions say Disable any "USB drive" boot devices in computers BIOS. All I can see is under ADVANCED/ADVANCED COFIGURATION/TRY OTHER BOOT DEVISES. Which is set to yes. Not happy with changing settings in BIOS so any help please. JJW.

  Diodorus Siculus 15:57 14 Mar 2004

You can have the following boot options:

floppy OR cd rom as first boot device; then hdd

and then tell it not to try other boot devices.

If the PC runs OK, you can tell it to boot first from hdd; if any problem arises, then you can switch to boot from CD / floppy again.

  LastChip 15:57 14 Mar 2004

Whilst you are right to be wary of changing settings in the BIOS, providing you make careful note of what you change, if the machine will not boot after your changes, go back in and reset the original settings.

  Diodorus Siculus 17:02 14 Mar 2004

Dear Diodorus Siculas, My Boot options are, 1st Floppy. 2nd IDE (hard drive?) 3rd cd/dvd rom. I changed the setting "Try other Boot Devices" from Yes to No. Tryed to start computer with reader plugged in but would not start. Have reset to yes. Should I set IDE to 1st Boot, Floopy to 2nd and cd/dvd rom to 3rd. Yours JJW


Not sure where you go from here; what I suggested should have worked to my mind.

Will the pc boot with IDE1 set as first, and others disabled?

  LastChip 17:11 14 Mar 2004

Is this reader a USB external device that connects to a USB port or is it a "Panel" type that connects direct to headers on the motherboard?

If the former, what happens if you plug the reader in after booting the machine normally?

  LastChip 17:43 14 Mar 2004

via e-mail;

"The reader is a external one, the same as my old one which I had no problems with at all. The new one is a Fuji 7 in 1 card reader, my old one came with the computer (Packard Bell) but dosn't read the card in my new camara (everthing but).. Tryed changing setting in BIOS to no but still didn't start. As I told Diodorus Siculus I think i'll just plug it in and out when I need it. Getting a bit deep."

So presumably, it works OK if you plug it in after boot-up?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:48 14 Mar 2004

I think it's getting abit deep now. For the sake of just plugging it in and out when I need it, i'll leave at that I think. Can't understand why my old one stayed plugged in all the time with no problems and this one stops the computer. Still thanks for your advice. JJW

  JJW 22:17 14 Mar 2004

yeah, works fine, just a pain to keep plugging it in and out. As I said my old one was never a problem, plug and forget. Sorry about sending email but I don't use this forum very often, wasn't quite sure how to reply. Thank's anyhow JJW

  Diodorus Siculus 22:25 14 Mar 2004

JJW - glad it's working; emails are not helpful for two reasons:

1 - others don't get to see what is happening

2 - many emails registered here are for junk mail (mine for example) and don't get checked very often.

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