Disable the onboard graphics card problem

  DAD7 09:01 23 Aug 2005

I have recently purchased an AGP graphics card to install in my PC, but I cannot disable the onboard graphics card that is integrated on the motherboard through the BIOS setting. I have the manual for the motherboard and it does not state hoe to disable the graphics. If I uninstall the current graphic card driver and then install the new graphics card and load the new driver for that graphics card will that automatically detect the new card or will the motherboard still try and use the onboard graphics?

  AndySD 09:13 23 Aug 2005


Without knowing the make / model of the Mobo its hard to say, but try it as a lot of Mobo's do auto disable the onboard graphics its best to try the install.

  woodchip 09:20 23 Aug 2005

There is one of two things you can do, Connect another Monitor to the onboard so you have two, or disable the Graphics Adapter in Device Manager

  Dennis1 10:51 23 Aug 2005

When I fitted my graphics card I just disabled the intel onboard in device manager as woodchip says.

  Strawballs 16:06 23 Aug 2005

How old is your board 1 of my old setups I had to use a jumper on the board to dissable onboard when I installed a card.

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