dirty tft & lcd screen

  mad1234 08:01 07 Jul 2007

could somebody please tell me what i can use to clean my TFT monitor screen & also what to use on my LCD tv as i don't want to put just anything on it incase i knack the surface on either of them


  Technotiger 08:20 07 Jul 2007

I mostly use just a clean soft duster, or - if any marks, then a little glass-cleaner on the cloth (not the screen).

  Technotiger 08:22 07 Jul 2007

Also, you can buy screen-wipes especially for the purpose from most PC shops.

  FatboySlim71 09:12 07 Jul 2007

Has you will probably know, you have to be careful what you clean the screens with. If mine has finger marks on it, I normally get a soft damp (BUT NOT TOO WET) cloth, as I look at it like this "there is not much as pure as water, so it bound to be safe" and as yet I have not been proven wrong and also my screen has not come to any harm, I also use a soft dry cloth to remove any excess moisture, JUST BE CAREFUL WHEN CLEANING/DRYING THAT YOU DON'T PRESS TOO HARD.

You can also buy commercially available lcd screen cleaning kits, these should be available from your local tv retailer/electrical goods retailer.

If its dusty, I use a little anti static cleaning mop.

  [email protected] 09:33 07 Jul 2007

or get some tft/ flat screen cleaner frm any elctrical or pc store, it's a sort of spray gel, spray it on wipe screen and it evaporates leaving no smears, bought mine from currys.

  Strawballs 09:45 07 Jul 2007

I use baby wipes when it is turned off then wipe off with a soft cloth on both laptop and TFT.

  mad1234 08:28 09 Jul 2007

thanks for all your suggestions guys
i picked up some TFT/LCD screen cleaner fron an electrical shop to use when the screen is really dirty but i think i will use a soft damp cloth for daily cleaning.

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